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There is always tension in The Originals fandom when it comes to the hybrid Klaus. None of his relationships are stable, and he definitely has plenty to say about each of them.

While she was trying to distance herself with a purely work relationship, she has once again found herself wrapped up in the supernatural world that comes with having any sort of relationship with the Mikaelson family, culminating in last week's capture of Cami by Klaus' ex, Aurora. Joseph states that:

“You know, it’ll be interesting to see that play out. It definitely does affect it, and both characters become aware of each other, although not quite yet, I think — I would say initially it’s going to hinder it, because as we know, there is some kind of a possessiveness over Cami and a feeling of wanting to protect her, and whatever else you can say about his relationship with her. So, having a possessive ex-girlfriend come into town is going to make things difficult. It’s going to definitely put a strain on that relationship.”

And whether or not she is important to him? Well that definitely is the case. He goes on to say:

"Anything where she sort of ... I think that he feels like she's consistently kind of getting herself in too deep and it's a struggle for him because he wants to keep her around but, you know, he's like a hurricane. So anything kind of around him kind of-or in his path-gets thrown up in the air all sorts of trouble. By wanting her to be close to him he's also putting her in danger. If he was truly selfless he would let her go, but he won't."

When it comes to the mother of his child, it hasn't really been smooth sailing for the pair. With Hayley having both an interest in his brother Elijah and being married to Jackson, at the moment it seems as though the cards are stacked against them. When speaking about it, Joseph stated that there is very little between the two aside from their daughter:

"The director of the episode we're shooting now described Klaus and Hayley as being two people who really wouldn't be in each other's lives if it weren't for Hope. It was something that happened once between them. They've had numerous arguments, which would have been enough to make them say goodbye, but they can't, because they're both responsible for this little girl. They're forced to make an uneasy peace, but their dynamic — like all of the dynamics on the show — is constantly in flux."

As far as it goes with the apple of his eye, however, Joseph knows that Klaus' relationship with his daughter is going to be a difficult one as she gets older

"That was something which Elijah threatened him with: ‘If you don’t stop the course you’re on, nobody will have to take Hope from you. She’ll leave herself’. That really hit home with him, because she is the thing he loves most in the world, I believe, aside and way beyond any love interests past and present. She’s probably the only pure thing in his life. He’s had feelings for other characters and then his siblings as well, but all of those are tainted with something or driven by something that isn’t quite pure, and she is the one good thing… and she’s not yet old enough ot be judgmental of him, and I think that means a lot. Sooner or later, though, she’s going to recognize he’s not perfect. That’ll be a sad day for Klaus.”

It sounds as though Klaus is going to have a difficult time throughout the rest of the seasons, with his relationships not seeming to rest and the threat of the prophecy hanging over his head. Knowing Klaus, however, he will end up back on top like he always does.

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