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You've all heard of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens right? Well if you haven't, then you most definitely have been living under a rock as it set to become one the biggest movies of all time. But the real question is, is it the biggest movie of all time? Some people will say yes (mainly Star Wars fans lol) while others will say no and say the hype is overrated and overhyped. But let's this be clear, nothing about the hype for The Force Awakens is overhyped or overrated as there is indefinite proof to prove that it undoubtedly THE biggest movie of all time to hit the cinema. Why is it the biggest movie of all time? Here's your proof:

Crashing of multiple ticket sells sites.

It's no strange reason why multiple ticket selling sites crashed like the New York stock exchange when the third trailer was released. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a movie of this caliber sell out this quickly? If you have please make sure to tell me in the comment section below because I haven't. There something about Star Wars brand that just screams boo-coo money and we're obviously seeing why(Well non-Star Wars fans that is). Seats are gonna be hard to find the day this movie will premiere as everybody and their distance relatives will be lining up to see this type of event film!

Box Office Predictions

The industry experts are predicting Star Wars: The Force Awakens to make bank, I mean MAJOR bank. There has been constant predictions that the seventh installment in the famous trilogy will compete with Avatar for the highest-grossing movie of all time title. I mean COME ON!! People assumed Avatar box office total with 2 billion would never be reached, well it seems like if any movie has the chance to overcome that it's The Force Awakens. The predicted numbers are mind-boggling was Star Wars is expected to make $615 million in it first weekend. Does that not spell insane to you? In all honesty it not a unrealistic prediction as people flock to Star Wars like crazy and has a huge nostalgia factor going for it. For some people Star Wars is love, Star Wars is life.

Trailerfest Awakens

We all 2016 is the rise of the superhero films with movies like Batman v Superman, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: Apocalypse sure to reign the box office of next year. But it seems to be that before they do that, these movie studios wanna take a quick pit stop and promote all their movies with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There's a strong possibility that we could see five all new comic book movie trailers premiere in front of The Force Awakens on December 18th, YES FIVE!! X-Men: Apocalypse and TMNT 2(Who cares?) are already confirmed to premiere in front of The Force Awakens, and heavy rumors suggest that Civil War, BvS, and Deadpool could be doing the same as well. Can you even fathom the thought of seeing five new comic book movie trailers and Star Wars at the same time all in one day? That like the best deal ever for a nerd! Hey, it a smart business decision on the movie studios part as the best way to promote one of your biggest films of next year is to show it alongside the biggest movie of this year. Man those crowds minds, in lack of a better word, blown!

Epic Full Experience

The Star Wars experience is a special type of unique experience that fans usually hold dear for a very long time. Star Wars has a cultural impact that very few film franchises have ever accomplished and has changed the film industry as a whole as well. Everything we've seen from this movie looks like it will deliver the ultimate film experience. It will bring in fans new and old and will hopefully begin a new era in the Star Wars mythos that will continue to span across generations forever. It is Star Wars...

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Is Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Biggest Film Event In Movie History?


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