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WALL, NJ - Comic book creator John Orlando is considered by many as one of the "kings of underground comics" and equated with the likes of Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar. As previously announced, he has found a new home with Outpouring Comics. In order to officially welcome him into the company, Outpouring Comics has launched the JOHN ORLANDO COLLECTION on Indiegogo. To find out more about this project check out this link bellow:

This crowdfunder will be featuring John Orlando's Cybergen, The Intruder and Journey into Madness. Cybergen will be appearing in color for the first time ever. In addition to these classic titles this collection will also feature several new and limited edition prints and prizes.

"John's work has such a timeless quality about it," said Miller. "And we are thrilled he is here."

For Orlando, he is excited to see his work get into the hands of a new generation of readers. "I saw what Outpouring has done with Rusty Gilligan's Mac and Trouble and I really liked it," he said. "So when the opportunity came up, I took the shot and I have been pleased."

Miller adds, “This crowdfunder is not only designed to bring some new content to Orlando's current fan base, but also reach the next generation with his ageless work.”

Another perk of this Indiegogo campaign is that it features the amazing talent of industry renowned Rusty Gilligan. Rusty will be personalizing sketch cards as one of the perks and he collaborated with John to create a limited edition print.

In the past Orlando has worked with other comic greats, such as Rich Buckler, Joe Martino and Roy Thomas. Miller said bringing Orlando on board shows that Outpouring Comics not only features fresh, new talent but it is also a hub for veterans of the industry like Orlando and Gilligan.

When asked if he had any closing words concerning the Indiegogo, Miller answered, “Keep on looking back at the project. We're starting with an awesome prize list but it will get even better as we continue to raise funds for the project.”

It sounds like Outpouring Comics has much more in store for this campaign, John Orlando and their future together!


Outpouring Comics started as a couple of friends Role Playing together and creating stories while in college. These stories evolved and two of the Role Players eventually went on to start their own universes, characters, and stories. Both creators brought in a small group to assist in creation and expansion of their universes before bringing any comic to readers eyes.

In June 2012, the two universes merged together to bring about the creation of Outpouring Comics. Outpouring Comics made their first public appearance at the April 2014 Asbury Park Comic Con with the debut of VODA #1.

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