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...high.But before I quit reading them, I was all in.That being said both Jessica Jones and the Defenders were not on my "must read"list. I knew of them,but mostly as guest stars or crossover storylines. I was pleasantly surprised how good this series is.Daredevil had been my favourite comic even before Frank Miller took over. The Ben Affleck film did do the character wrong,but not as wrong as Electra.Even though she stole the show in Daredevil,they had to mess with characters and their powers in the film she starred.Anyway,when I read the title of this article,I was ready to disagree with it.But you really did break it down,point by point. I think this series may be enjoyed by an audience that are turned off by superhero movies.As far as the term "dark"I think Frank Miller has to be credited with bringing the term to comic books.More realism,more blood and guts.The whole way of looking at comics changed when he hit the scene.Now "dark" can mean almost anything. I take it as a term to describe mature or not aimed at the kiddie market.Jessica Jones can be viewed by kids but I'm not sure if it's aimed at them.All I do know is Netflix/Marvel knocked another one out of the park and hope it continues in their next series that debut.

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