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Hope you guys watched the new DC's Legends of Tomorrow trailer, and if you didn't, here's the trailer:

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Let's talk about some of the things that we saw in this awesome promo!

Rip Hunter's Ship

the TARDIS has nothing on this.....
the TARDIS has nothing on this.....

As we all may know already, Rip Hunter, famous time traveller of the DC Universe, is going to be played by famous Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill, who played Matt Smith Doctor's best friend and sidekick Rory.

And, as you've already seen, Arthur brings out in his inner Doctor Who to play Rip Hunter. Only difference is, Rip Hunter is a bit more dramatic than Doctor Who. Oh, and he also has this...

That's not a Sonic Screwdriver....
That's not a Sonic Screwdriver....

As you see, Rip seems more prepared than the Doctor. Rip may seem good here, but really, Doctor Who beats all time and space travelling beings. But that's my opinion.


Firestorm's amazing costume

This is what really kept me from turning away from this promo. As you can see, Firestorm dons his famous red and yellow costume, with the exception of the famous head piece. Interesting that this Jason Rusch-ish character dawns the famous colors before Ronnie does. Whoops, maybe it was too soon to talk about that. Still in mourning for Ronnie.

Still, cool costume, though.

"I've seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall"

Now that's the quote of the century. Does this mean we might see Superman and Batman? I mean, we've heard Harley Quinn's voice and we've seen Huntress and Talia Al Ghul in action, so we're bound to see Batman in action. Yet we haven't seen any Superman references and, of course, that rumor about Tom Welling being cast as Superman for Season 2 of The Flash is nothing but a rumor.

Maybe this is a step in the right direction for Superman.

What else is there? Oh yes. The release date has been scheduled for January 21, 2016.

And don't forget to watch Arrow/The Flash: Heroes Join Forces next Tuesday!

Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving!


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