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It's that time of year again. The halls are decked, the music is all jolly and jingly, and everyone is bingeing on Christmas movies. (Well, everyone that isn't stuck up in a cave above Whoville fitting dog-antlers, anyway!)

There are some amazing classics and some great modern-day choices, but for many people, it just wouldn't be Christmas without an ugly lamp and a Red Ryder BB Gun.

It's been over 30 years since Ralphie's winter adventures first hit the big screen, which means that the kid with the cowboy hat is all grown up, but lets remind ourselves of the trailer and see what he and the rest of the cast been up to since.

Peter Billingsley - Ralphie

Little Peter is all grown up... and still making Christmas movies! Although he has moved to the other side of the camera, and is now primarily a producer, he had a small part as a ticket collector in the 2008 movie Four Christmasses. That same year he appeared on-screen in Iron Man, where he was also executive producer. He directs, produces and has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Dinner For Five.

Melinda Dillon - Mother Parker

Melinda Dillon has continued a successful acting career post-Christmas Story, and (like Billingsley) has appeared in a superhero movie. Sadly, though, she's not part of the MCU; instead, she appeared as Mrs. Rogers in the 1990 version of Captain America. Dillon is also an accomplished stage actress, although she is rarely working these days, as she in in her mid-70s.

Darren McGavin - Old Man Parker

Sadly, Darren McGavin passed away in 2006 at the age of 83, but he was a successful actor right up until his death. After A Christmas Story, he worked largely in TV (including TV movies), but he also appeared in the comedy classic Billy Madison alongside Adam Sandler.

Tedde Moore - Miss. Schwartz

Tedde Moore was the only member of the original cast to appear in the sequel to A Christmas Story: My Summer Story (originally released as It Runs In The Family), and has an impressive number of acting credits to her name post-Miss. Schwartz. She returned to Christmas movies recently, appearing in the 2011 Mistletoe Over Manhattan as Rebecca Claus.

Scott Schwartz - Flick

Best known as the kid who got his tongue stuck on the pole in A Christmas Story, Schwartz didn't stay in mainstream acting long after the film was released. After a few minor roles in TV series, Schwartz made the decision to move into adult films. Although he worked in the porn industry for many years, he did few actual sex scenes, spending most of his time in minor, sex-free roles. He even won an AVN (Adult Video Network) award for his performance in Silver Screen Confidential with Jenna Jameson. Later, he moved into administrative roles and booking new talent, before leaving the industry to work with his Dad at a collectibles and baseball card store.

Ian Petrella - Randy

A Christmas Story was only Randy's second role, and remains his best-known. He continued to work on-screen throughout the '90s, playing mostly minor parts in TV shows such as Who's The Boss and Beverly Hills 90210. As he grew up, he decided to leave the film industry, and discovered a love for puppetry and animation, which he still works in today. He also regularly appears as a seasonal tour guide at the Christmas Story house and museum in Ohio.

R.D. Robb - Schwartz

Robb made his acting debut with A Christmas Story, and went on to act in a range of films and TV series, including The Brady Bunch and Matilda, as well as in one other Christmas movie: He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special. These days, he prefers to spend his time behind the camera as a producer.

Zack Ward - Scut Farkus

Ward also made his debut in A Christmas Story, and his role in the classic film launched an incredible acting career. Since then, he has performed in over a hundred other films, videos, shorts and TV series. He's had small parts in all three CSI series, as well as roles in Dollhouse, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Lost and Cold Case. On the big screen, you can see him in Transformers, Freddy Vs Jason, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness. He also has four new films currently in the works for 2016 onwards, including How To Make A Deal With The Devil and The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.

And They All Had A Very Merry Christmas!

It seems that the entire cast went on to do great things, and seeing them all still happy and successful just gives us the same kind of warm-and-fuzzies that A Christmas Story did as kids! (With the exception of the late Darren McGavin, of course. RIP.)

I wonder if they'll all be re-watching the film on Christmas Day?


Whose post-Christmas-Story career surprised you most?


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