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We all know Fox's reboot of the Fantastic Four was one of the worst superhero movies in recent history. We all heard various reports about bad things concerning the film and it pretty obvious that those reports were true as the film turned out to be a major disaster not only critically but financially as well. But somehow someway Fox decided to move forward with a sequel and slated it with a 2017 release. Well it looks like the sequel to 2015 Fantastic Four might not be happening after all(Thank god). It has just been reported that Fox has decided to remove the sequel of it from their release schedule. Now before all of you get excited that a sequel to one of the biggest flops in recent superhero movie history, beware that it doesn't mean the movie not happening. It could simply mean that Fox wants more time to plan the movie more carefully, which they should, and ultimately make it a better film off their gain. We'll just have to see in the near future on the ultimate fate of the sequel to the notorious film, but don't be surprised if Fox doesn't think it worth making another one and scrap the sequel altogether.

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