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The immortal legend is reborn! The film Victor Frankenstein puts a whole new twist on the legendary tale written by Mary Shelley. With an unexpected storyline, it goes in-depth with the relationship between the mad scientist and his assistant like no other Frankenstein film has before. Perfectly complementing James McAvoy's impassioned Dr. Frankenstein, Daniel Radcliffe puts on an astonishing performance as troubled but loyal assistant Igor.

Check out why Radcliffe's acting skills makes Victor Frankenstein a must-see.

A New Look At An Old Character

The casting for the film couldn't be any better. Daniel Radcliffe is, of course, well-known for his iconic role as the young wizard Harry Potter, but, as he enters the world of Victor Frankenstein, Radcliffe completely transforms himself into Igor. The result is a portrayal that we have never seen from the star before. Instead of being simply Frankenstein's hunchback assistant, he becomes more of a partner and even an intellectual equal (if not superior).

A Hunchback No More

All Frankenstein fans can recall that Igor was always slumped over because of his hunchback. It's obvious from what's seen that Igor is standing up straight, but don't worry, purists, the feature is not forgotten. In the film, Frankenstein not only explains his condition from a medical perspective but also somehow finds a way to fix it. Now Radcliffe is able to walk perfectly normal.

An Amazing Background Story

When first starting as a tormented circus clown, Igor begins to realize the beauty of the human body and conducts an array of research on human anatomy. Later, he finds himself being part of something bigger as Victor Frankenstein frees him of his prison. As you enter Igor's world, you feel a gigantic amount of sympathy for the character. Daniel Radcliffe puts 100% into the role and delivers a truly astounding performance.

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