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Hello again Moviepilot. Yes, I know it's been way too long since I've posted an article. I've been so busy with many different projects, one of which has been binge watching the latest installment to the MCU, Jessica Jones. While I was watching the show, I couldn't help but focus on how similar the villain, Killgrave (David Tennant), was, at least in voice, style, and fashion, to the Doctor, David Tennant's former character in Doctor Who. Being a huge whovian and marvelite, I couldn't help but try to piece the two together. While watching, I formulated a theory, albeit a still very fresh theory, that maybe not totally formed. I guess it'll be your guy's job to judge and help fill in any extra gaps.

Before you continue, there may be Potential Spoilers for both Jessica Jones & Doctor Who...

Anyways, here we go.

Jessica Jones is a DALEK


Before you all click away, just hear me out. I believe Jessica Jones is a Dalek veteran of the Time Wars. Jessica is scarred by the wars, after having direct confrontation with The Doctor, the fiercest warrior of the Time Lords. Having been heavily damaged (and was presumed dead) after the war, Jessica hardly escapes. It travels to Earth years later, meeting up with the Daleks prior to the time of their confrontation with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) in "The Parting of the Ways" . These Daleks apply the "New Dalek" method to "fix" Jessica. This means they grafted a human brain to the Dalek casing, turning Jessica into a new Dalek. (The human's name was Jessica Jones.) Jessica participated in the events of the Parting of the Ways & escaped, while still being mentally scarred. Jessica meets the Tenth Doctor during "Doomsday" and believe him to be the fiercest Time Lord ever (not to mention the last). The combined mentally damage from the Time War, The Parting of the Ways, and Doomsday causes a total psychological break & is sent to the Dalek asylum. Jessica struggles from severe PTSD (mainly from the Time War). This is where my theory starts to become sketchy. The Doctor (the Tenth) finds himself in the Dalek Asylum (like the one the 11th visits in season 7) where Jessica is. When Jessica sees him, she freaks and begins chasing him throughout the asylum. The Doctor believes she is just a faulty Dalek with a majorly feisty malfunction. To Jessica, he is silver tongued villain (the name Killgrave comes from The Doctor killing so many Daleks and sending them to their graves in the Time War) with mental control powers, as The Doctor is persuasive. Jessica meets Hope, which is her "hope" that the Doctor will face justice for the deaths of so many Daleks. Killgrave controlling Hope to kill her parents is figurative for The Doctor scaring Daleks into going terrible things in the Time War. Jessica is, in her mind, trying to find evidence to "convict" Killgrave, while physically she is just chasing The Doctor around the asylum. The reason Jessica can't find any evidence to convict Killgrave is because The Doctor is innocent of all the crimes she is accusing. Killgrave is telling the truth by saying he didn't make anyone do anything. Luke and all the others are memories of her human's mind, plastered on Daleks in the asylum that The Doctor escapes and disables. Finally, Jessica has the Doctor cornered and tortures him with memories of Rose and Donna and the others, which translates to her as electrocuting. When The Doctor is insulted with a comment about Doomsday and Rose, The Doctor fights back with his wit and Time War stories, which translates to Jessica as him killing his "parents". The visions Jessica has about her family dying are the Daleks that died in the Time War. When Killgrave has Hope, who was released (meaning that Jessica believe she's winning in "convicting" The Doctor), she decides to trade him his father for Hope. In realty, the "father" is The Doctor's companion and Hope is The Doctor's conviction. QUICK ADDITION: Jessica killed a Dalek while trying to kill the Doctor during the Time War which translates to Luke Cage's wife. Luke Cage hates Jessica for it, which is really just Jessica hating herself for friendly fire, believing The Doctor made her do it. BACK TO THE PREVIOUS TOPIC: When Hope kills herself, this translates to Jessica giving up hope on convicting The Doctor and giving herself permission to kill him or exterminate him. The Doctor continues his running through the asylum the whole time the death and torture that Jessica feels is purely a mental trauma from the Time war and a skewed perception of The Doctor. The Doctor & his companion (or Killgrave & his dad) are working on a way to stop a virus the Dalek Jessica set to "cure the world of Killgrave," which would do considerable damage to all inside. The Doctor is fighting to stop the virus with his companion (who accidentally helped Jessica). The big finale is The Doctor fighting to amplify the cure to the asylum, but Jessica fights back. The end where Jessica kills Killgrave isn't what you think. The Doctor escapes the asylum, unsuccessful to prevent the asylum wide virus, which leads Jessica to believe Killgrave is dead, when in reality The Doctor left. Anyone & everyone who dies in "Jessica Jones" is a deceased Dalek ally from the Time War. Jessica lives the rest of her days in the Dalek asylum having adventures mentally.

What do you think of my theory? Is it crazy? Is it awesome? Am I just too distraught over the idea of The Doctor as a sadistic villain? Let me know in the comments & give me a follow if you enjoyed.


What did you think of my theory?


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