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Who out there doesn't like the movie Snakes on a Plane? Well, according to Rotten Tomatoes, only 68% of their voters did. But not all animal/plane emergencies can have Nick Fury himself there to handle the situation. Sometimes, well, the plane lands and nothing really bad happens. Or, sometimes, animals just decide they don't want the plane to take off at all. It's bad enough that people have to deal with other people acting like total animals thousands of feet in the air, screaming and ranting, threatening the flight attendants with whatever they can threaten them with. Especially models who happen to be 34 year old crazy cat ladies. But to have an in-flight emergency that was cause by an animal could really make me puma pants!

10. Sheep Farts

This is a sort of brand new story riding the wave of the internet right now, obviously being the inspiration behind this list. Although Singapore Airlines is denying it, the onboard fire alarm alarm system was set off, causing the pilots to divert the flight to Bali (poor crew, right?). The cause? Not a fire, not a shoe with a fuse, and not a snake. It was sheep farts. With only 4 crew and a whipping 2186 sheep on board, they crew members could most definitely say “the did it!” One might think that the crew just wanted a nice little vaycay in Bali, but 3 hours later, the plane was ventilated and took off again for its original destination. Here's some good advice for a lot of fellas (and some ladies) out there; remember that apparently, methane and poo can set off a plane's fire alarm!

9. Cold Hot Dog

Here's a feel good story for everyone, after that stink bad one. Plenty of folks fly with their animals, some with them if they're service animals, some in the cargo hold in their cages. On an Air Canada flight in September of this year, the heating system for the cargo hold failed, and the temperatures plummeted. That high up, they can plummet to well below freezing, so when the pilot saw the alarm that says you're going to have some cold cargo in a few minutes, he turned the plane around and landed in Frankfurt, saving the little guy, and making his owner one happy furparent.

8. Doggy Bomb

Keeping in the canine category, this is a tale about a bomb on a plane, but not quite the bomb that would mess up a flight. Although, the plane did make an emergency landing, much to the surprise of 99% of the planet, landing in Kansas City, on its way to Philadelphia. The poor pooch just couldn't hold it in, and crapped not once or twice, but a reported three times in the aisle. Of course, twitter went nuts, with passengers live-tweeting from the flight, saying how people were throwing up and dry-heaving from the smell. The crew tried to clean it up, but ran out of cleaning supplies after bomb #2 dropped. Of course, no amount of wipes and air freshener can mask a dog dookie, so they had to make a nonscheduled landing. They have the sympathies of everyone out there that owns a cranky old cat who goes wherever they please!

7. Bird strikes

This one and the next are going to be the obvious ones, but they can be the most extreme cases. The most famous of which, of course, being centered around Captain Sully and his miracle landing in the Hudson river after birds took out both engines on his US Airways flight. Anyone who remembers that can probably still see the video of the landing in their head, or the pictures of the passengers standing on the wings. Engines can be disabled, windshields broken..all sorts of damage has been caused by birds hitting planes throughout history. Usually, it happens right after takeoff or right before landing, where the birds are closer to the ground. A Delta plane headed for Hong Kong hit at least one bird an hour and 20 minutes after takeoff. It was able to land, but some flights don't turn out that lucky.

6. Oh, deer

Not quite as common as the bird strikes, but they still happen quite often. Deer can jump! And when they jump the wrong fence, they can either end up a hood ornament or a smear on a runway. In one case in Vinton, Iowa, the plane was in pretty bad shape after hitting a trespassing deer, but the pilot made it out okay. He was pretty upset, since he actually built the plane, so it meant quite a bit more to him than a typical plane might to a pilot. And now that we're smack-dab in the middle of hunting season, cars and planes alike will be biting the dust in ever increasing numbers. Some planes don't make it out alive, like the small plane in South Carolina that was reduced to a pile of burnt scrap metal, after hitting a deer in 2012.

5. Fish Strike

Wait, say what? First birds, then deer, now fish are dangerous to planes too? When first reading about this story out of Florida, one might think the plane was a seaplane. There's got to be a risk of seaplanes hitting fish on their landings and takeoffs, right? Well, this time it was at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. Quite far from water. Apparently, an osprey lost its lunch as the plane was preparing to takeoff. The pilot saw that he had hit something, and thought the plane hit the osprey, so he went back to the hangar to see what happened. But with no bird remains on the runway, after some investigation, they found out the bird had dropped a sheepshead while in flight and nailed the plane. If anyone can think of a good fish pun to put here, please, let minnow!

4. Mule

Drug mule, actually. This isn't so much about an actual animal as it is about a man whose profession was named after an animal, and acted like an animal on his flight. So, he gets put in an animal-related list. A Brazilian man in his 20s on a flight to Dublin, Ireland last month died after falling ill and biting another passenger on the hand. When they found strange packages in his body, they caught the lady he was with, a 44 year old Portuguese woman with bags of powder in her luggage. Probably wasn't laundry detergent, because the man turned out to be a drug mule, and some of the packages may have burst while inside him. Definitely not a Lucy-type ending for the guy.

3. Ohhhh...Rats

Yep, that's right. Time to get some major heebie jeebies. An Airbus A-321 going from Caclutta to New Delhi was overrun by rats, and had to be...not landed somewhere else! They landed in New Delhi, so apparently, they were close enough to home to hightail it there. Sorry, very bad obscure pun. The article about the incident makes a great point, however. Rats chewing through wires on a plane = very very bad things. Rats can get in and out of anywhere they please, so no FAA regulations or regulations of any kind can keep them out. Rats!

2. Snake in Front of a Plane

Read that again...still no Samuel Jackson here! Back in May of 2014, there was a slight flight delay that made news. Not so much because the pilot delayed the flight, but the crazy reason why. There was a freaking 6 inch garter snake on the runway, and the pilot apparently didn't realize that there are 200 million garter snakes for every person on the planet. The snake lived, everyone on the plane made it to their destination, and the pilot was given a key to the city for his act of bravery. Okay, well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

1. You have cat to be kitten me right meow

This one is number one for a very good reason, and it happened almost 2 months ago. Not only did a 34 year old Czech woman, Zaneta Hucikova, sneak her cat on board a flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt, but the flight ended up getting escorted by 2 F-16 fighter jets. The pilot called in an in-flight emergency, prompting the escorts. But it wasn't because of the cat; it was because of Zaneta's reaction when the flight crew put her “comfort cat” in the bathroom. She became irate, to put it lightly, hitting the stewardesses, and allegedly threatening to bring the plane down. You may remember this when I say that Zaneta is a model, and according to her facebook page, a very good model at that. Not quite the type of person you would think would be a crazy cat lady!


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