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With the Rocky movie spinoff, "Creed", coming very soon, I thought I would share what my dream sequel (for a movie I haven't even seen yet) would be. "Creed" focuses on the late Apollo Creed's son, Adonis (played by Michael B. Jordan), being trained by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). As a big fan of the Rocky series (except for Rocky V which I think is just mediocre), I can't wait for Creed.

Now since I haven't seen Creed yet and have no idea what happens in the movie, this is just a fun idea I think should happen.

Starting like all movies in the series, this film opens with the end of the previous film. Set 6 months after the events of Creed, both Adonis and Rocky are living normal and happy lives. Until someone from the past returns to change all that.

Ivan Drago

After being defeated and humiliated in the 80's, Drago returns seeking revenge. Wanting to break him, Ivan plans on taking away the one person left Rocky cares about, Adonis. Ivan confronts both Adonis and Rocky during a press conference and challenges Rocky to a rematch. Seeing how Drago is clearly drunk and out of shape (and that both of them are about 70), Rocky turns him down and tries to help him out. Angry, Ivan decides instead to fight Adonis saying how he'll beat him like he did Apollo. Being denied again, Drago storms away swearing that he will not take no for an answer.

Wanting to still fight, Ivan kidnaps Adonis' girlfriend, Bianca, and says the only way to get her back meet him in a warehouse in 2 days and fight him. Having no choice, Adonis accepts the challenge and the training with Rocky begins. Adonis begins training harder than than he ever has before, and Rocky gets something to help them train.

Paulie's robot from Rocky IV (my favorite Rocky movie). Now with some new software, the robot begins training them and even uses the voice of Mickey (using archived audio of Burgess Meredith) to help (and some rocking tunes for the montages). While training, Rocky hurts himself and struggles for about half of the second act. Adonis is ready to fight drago. But before he leaves for the warehouse, there is a very emotional scene between Adonis and the robot that has a recorded from Apollo (played by Carl Weathers).

Adonis and Rocky arrive at the warehouse ready to confront Drago. Adonis and Drago begin fighting while Rocky goes to untie Bianca from a chair and get her out of there. Adonis, being younger and faster, begins to land more hits on the slower Ivan. Frustrated, Ivan grabs a machine gun and the fight really begins. Once Rocky and Bianca escape, Adonis manages to summon all of his strength and knocks out Ivan Drago.

So that is my completely serious for realsies idea for Creed 2. I even made a poster for it.

EDIT: Okay, I've seen Creed now. I don't know if I'll write a review on it, but I loved it. And I would add some more details into Creed 2 but I don't to spoil events that happened in Creed. I would add Rocky's son though.


Would you want to see "Creed 2: Drago's Revenge"?


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