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Hawkman is always so underrated in the comics. He's rarely a main character in any group story. His comic series' are few and far between (and never seem to do too well), but he's still well loved. He was featured in Smallville's final seasons and was a fan favorite. He is also coming up as a main character in "Legends of Tomorrow" in January.

And he's also a highly sought after Funko Pop!

The Review:

I love this Pop. It's a classic comic book style of Hawkman, featuring the broad wings, the mace, the chest straps and icon, and the awesome Hawk Helmet!

The color scheme is far from menacing, but that's okay, because this is the classic comic color scheme, which was vibrant. The boots especially show off the comic book stylizing that this Pop boasts.

The helmet with the feathers and beak is spectacular and iconic.

The wings and sculpted beautifully, though the gray color seems a bit off. I wish they were slightly whiter, as they kind of look like stone.

There are only two big flaws I see with this Pop.

First, the wings prevent the head from turning. The head, in fact, can only turn less than an inch either direction, unlike most non-bobble-head Pops, which can turn 360 degrees.

Secondly, the chest. Around this same time, we saw the Hulk's Pop, which featured a more defined, sculpted body, but with this Hawkman Pop, his chest is undefined. It looks fleshy and weird if you look at it too long. The Martian Manhunter Pop has a similar chest, but it didn't stand out as much with the green skin.

All things considered, those are minor issues.

This Pop has an error situation. The original release came in a box where "Hawkman" was misspelled on the side of the box as "Hakwman". This was corrected for subsequent releases before the Pop was discontinued. Because of this, some sellers ask for a higher price for their in-box error Pops. There was also a metallic variant exclusive to Gemini collectibles that is also discontinued which goes for about $300.00.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Glorious wings! Epic helmet! Powerful mace! Classic colors!

Cons: Fleshy pecs! Limited head-movement! Why am I shouting?!

Estimated Value: $115.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide.)


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