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As a fan of the James Bond franchise I was slightly disappointed after the all the hype that went into Spectre as it was not even close to the level that Skyfall was. You might think she’s crazy for saying that but it’s true for many people.

If you look at it in this way, Skyfall had more of a narrative to follow had it’s actions when it needed and the villain had more involvement just like the good old days when all the Bond films had a theme going but Skyfall had that modern touch which made everyone fall in love with it.

Now Spectre was nothing but action, action and more action. This isn't a bad thing but barely any dialogues to give and no narrative or structure to the storyline for us to follow. We had (Christoph Waltz) as Franz Oberhauser the main villain, who I was actually looking forward to and wanted him to have more of an involvement within the film. The cool thing was that he linked up all the other villains with him to lead us to Spectre and overall Spectre lead us to Bond’s secret, which he’s been hiding.

But wait a minute didn’t Waltz look like the classic Ernst Stavro Blofeld, you know the same Persian cat stroking, scar on his face villain which we saw in the (1967), ‘You Only Live Twice’ James Bond film. With Sean Connery as Bond. A lot of the time the film is trying to give us more of a message for future Bond films as well as blast from the past re-developed characters. Correct if I am wrong but this is interesting.

The resemblance between the modern character and the older character.
The resemblance between the modern character and the older character.

Ok so let’s go more onto the action and cinematography side of the film that I thought as always blows peoples minds. My favourite shot in particular is the opening scene in Mexico for day of the dead. There’s something about tracking shots I love which reminds me of the famous Goodfellas tracking shot. I’ll be very honest the music too went very well within that scene, mixing the Bond theme into Mexican music. Not giving away too much you have to see it!

All in all some great shots within this film and the car scene in Italy was another good scene in which was cool the way it was filmed. And as always we love the Aston Martin cars.

Aston Martin DB10 - that opening shot of the car!
Aston Martin DB10 - that opening shot of the car!

I highly still recommend this film a watch and if you’re a Bond fan then what you waiting for. I am not sure if the next Bond film will have Daniel Craig in it but I do enjoy watching him as Bond.


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