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**The following review contains major spoilers for Season 6, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead.**

I'll start this review by saying this, this episode is one to miss from Season 6. I felt that AMC did with this episode, what they did with Breaking Bad's 'Fly'. A great setup, but after that setup things weren't too great.

The intro resolved a cliffhanger we had seen in Here's Not Here, the murmur Morgan heard as he left the Wolf alone was Rick screaming "Open the gate now!!!". In an epic slow-motion shot of Rick running into Alexandria despite the gate being closed, followed by a horde of walkers. Then as Rick came back, and as Glenn, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha hadn't yet returned, the episode lost it's spark unfortunately.

Spencer finally realised the brutal reality of the teamwork and weakness of the Alexandrians, which at first seemed like a good call to arms. As if he would become a centric character to the show, working alongside other Alexandrians to get ready for the next walker onslaught. Although later in the episode, all this realisation alludes to is Spencer stealing supplies (that are scarce) and keeping them for himself.

Then there was the matter of Maggie and Aaron. Maggie and Aaron decided to explore the sewer in a bid to see whether Glenn was still out there. After the realisation that Glenn may indeed be dead, Maggie decides to tell Aaron, as opposed to the people she's been with since Season 2, that she's pregnant with Glenn's child. Then there seemed to be Aaron flirting with Maggie at one point in the episode telling her a little bit about himself. Showing that only two episodes after Glenn's highly ambiguous death, keeping her wedding ring on and having Glenn's baby inside her Maggie's going to potentially have romance with Aaron.

Although this episode wasn't all fire and flames, we saw other Alexandrians have a good call to arms, unlike Spencer. We saw Ron wanting to learn how to shoot, Deanna brutally killing her first walker. Alongside Deanna's realisation that the 'Ricktatorship' is the best route for Alexandria as she tells Rick the Alexandrians need him more than they need her. We also saw tension between Ron and Carl over Enid, showing that Carl listened to his father when he told him "no more kid stuff".

Overall this episode had more bad points than good, although on the other hand it was good for setting up scenarios we'd potentially see later on as the season unfolds.


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