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Johnny Depp has admitted he finds his daughter's transition into womanhood "disturbing". This is understandable, any father will be protective of their daughter. However, it must be much more challenging when you're one of the planets most well known faces, and your daughter is modelling for Chanel.

Lily Rose Depp, who is only 16-years-old, is already excelling in the industry - she's been announced as an ambassador for its winter eyewear campaign. Her 52-year-old father is finding the change difficult. He said:

"It’s such a funny thing when you see your daughter transitioning from your baby, your little girl, to suddenly being a young woman."

"It's All Happening So Fast"

Lily Rose's mother, Vanessa Paradis, was also spotted at the same age by 82-year-old designer Karl Lagerfeld. The parallels have been noticed by Johnny, who clearly doesn't enjoy seeing his daughter dressed to the nines ready to walk the catwalk. He said:

"She’s been snatched up by Karl Lagerfeld - which is a coincidence, as he spotted her mother when she was the same age, too - and when I see her with make-up and all that stuff, it’s really disturbing, because she’s a very beautiful girl, and it’s all happening so fast."

I feel you, Johnny. Lily Rose has clearly inherited her modelling genes from her mother. But she's also caught the acting bug from her father, too.

Although he claims it was never his dream for his daughter to follow his (incredibly impressive) steps, the pair will both star in Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers, a spin off from 2014's Tusk, which Lily Rose appeared in. The film is due for release next January.

"We're Super-Tight"


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This isn't the first time Depp has opened up about his daughter recently. He spoke of his pride following Lily Rose revealing she was "sexually fluid". The Pirates of the Caribbean star said:

"I already knew because she tells me everything - she’s not afraid to say anything to me. We’re super-tight and I’m very proud of our relationship"

It's fair to say with a role model like Johnny D, her feet will stay planted firmly on the ground!

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