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You may remember that back in July, before the sun went into hibernation, New Girl star and alleged 35 year old Zooey Deschanel gave birth to a baby girl, Elsie Otter. Wonderful news, obviously, but it does leave a Deschanel-shaped hole in FOX's hit comedy which will be hard to fill, given that she is the new girl of the title, and nobody falls over quite as charmingly as Deschanel Junior.

Season 5: time for a shake-up...
Season 5: time for a shake-up...

Ahead you will find mild spoilers for season 5, so avert your eyes if you really don't want to know that Schmidt dies and Nick goes to Africa.

Just kidding.

First, let's talk about Nick and Jess. TV Line recently gave us this tidbit of info regarding Zooey Deschanel having filmed three episodes, including the season 5 premiere...

Will we get any great Nick/Jess scenes in New Girl season 5?
Yes, because even though Megan Fox will help fill the void during Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave, the sitcom pre-taped three episodes prior to her time off. In the Jan. 5 season premiere, for example. Jess and Nick — as Schmidt and Cece’s Maid of Honor and Best Man — plan an elaborate engagement party for the newly engaged couple,including but not limited to an elaborate Bollywood dance number.


By now everybody knows that Megan Fox will be playing Reagan, a "straight-shooting pharma sales rep" who is essentially a direct Jess replacement whilst ZD spends some quality time with her daughter. What's interesting is that the character bio gives the impression that exec producer Liz Meriwether has gone out of her way not to make Reagan a Jess-lite character but in fact somebody who seemingly has more in common with Cece (Hannah Simone). If that similarity does manifest on screen, the two girls could turn out to be the best of frenemies, which would be a pretty fun new dynamic for this show.

Is Megan Fox versatile enough to deliver laughs?
Is Megan Fox versatile enough to deliver laughs?

Recently Fox was spied on setting locking lips with Jake Johnson (Nick) on the set of season 5, but don't get too excited - despite some tabloid reports, this romance is strictly for the cameras.

And if you're concerned that Megan Fox just isn't comedically gifted enough to bring the funny in a sitcom like this, Max Greenfield (Schmidt) reckons you're about to be proved wrong.

“We’ve been having so much fun. She’s very funny – I’m excited for people to see how funny she is. She’s been really good in these episodes. We’ve all really gotten along. She kind of fit in seamlessly. She’s done like four so far, and it’s been really nice. We have a really good time.”

So, there we have it: Fox has filmed at least four episodes of the show's fifth outing (there are 13 episodes confirmed so far, but given the limited run it could turn out to be the final season - which might explain the stunt-casting of a big name like Fox who's likely to bring in viewers); Reagan and Nick will get friendly real quick; and those needing their fix of Jess can't afford to miss the season premiere.

Season 5 debuts January 5th on FOX. In the meantime, we want to know...


Is Megan Fox a good fit for New Girl?


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