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After hearing Helga G. Pataki wax poetic about how Arnold made her "girlhood tremble." we've always known there was something seductive about the football-headed icon that we just couldn't fathom, but now all of Arnold's true hidden allure has been revealed!

Lane Toran, the voice of the original Arnold himself, has filled out into an enormous beard-toting lumberjack of a babe and if the hirsute hotness below doesn't have you yelling timber, there are even more treats to follow...

If they cynic within you is rebelling against the insane hipstery of the above images and thinking "pfffft! anyone can look hot with 45 percent of their face covered in hair," then let me silence your doubts with the following earlier snaps of Lane (then known as Toran Caudell) bearing all with his naked visage:

The eagle eyed (or obsessive) among us might recognize Toran - who also voiced King Bob in Recess - from some of his earlier acting work as the gawky Rod on 7th Heaven...

...Or working his magic (and very questionable early '00s mop) in Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard.

While there's no questioning that Lane Toran was a wizard when he was a boy, it turns out he retained some pretty magical skills into adulthood. The most unexpected by far being the co-writing Hilary Duff's "Sweet Sixteen."

But don't worry guys, if you started to hate on this guy for his face and multiple enviable achievements, just remember that even Lane had a pretty severe awkward phase.

Sorry dude, I know you probably changed your name to avoid things like this from resurfacing, but there is hope for us all yet!

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