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When it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3, there are three things that senselessly raise our hype for the game's release date. But out of these three, there's one that'll stand out for any fan of the Kingdom Hearts universe - the nostalgic music of Yoko Shimomura.

There's actually a science behind why Shimomura's music instills that sense of nostalgia in us all, therefore it can be hard to resist listening to it every now and again. So, we thought we'd compile a celebratory album for you all to enjoy. Most of these pieces will be fan renditions of classic Kingdom Hearts themes - all of which are worth your attention. Prepare for the nostalgic feels, Kingdom Hearts fans.

Celebrate Kingdom Hearts 3 Before Release Date With Some Beautiful Music

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

There are going to be a lot of links in this article, but if you can manage it, you really should check them all out! I'll include some pieces in the body of the article too though. Let us know what your favorite piece was in the comments below! And if you know of any other tracks that we should check out, please let us know. We're always up for more Kingdom Hearts music.

  • Let's kick things off with a badass track, where Milo on SoundCloud samples tons of Kingdom Hearts lines, music, and sound effects. Awesome.
  • Here, Mree on YouTube gives us an insanely beautiful rendition of the timeless, Simple and Clean. This is a real beauty.
  • BlueNctrn on YouTube has an amazing channel. It's dedicated to videos which predict the kind of music we could have in Kingdom Hearts 3. Here, he takes a look at what the music on the Tangled world might sound like. Turns out it would be beautiful!
  • Have a Kingdom Hearts 3 Title rendition of Dearly Beloved, courtesy of composer Mattia Cupelli. It's perfect.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be incredible guys - as long as this music is involved, there will be nostalgic joy for us all. If you have any other pieces you think we should listen to in order to prepare ourselves for KH3's release date, let us know in the comments!


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