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If you haven't caught up with the midseason finale of NBC's hit TV show Blindspot yet, then you're in for a treat. In what is undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far (by a country mile), this week is an action packed fun fest filled with spies, torture, suicide AND murder. Exciting, right?

Spoilers ahead!


This episode, titled 'Evil Handmade Instrument' (title game needs a little work, guys) took on the guise of a Cold War thriller. The story went as follows: Russian spies have infiltrated American society, married into powerful circles (such as that of the editor of the NY Times) and filtered valuable information back to Russia via a laborious method of cryptic codes in two library books and one flower shop.

Jane Doe and Patterson really come into their own as the events unravel, both cementing their characters as pretty damn badass and leaving the men with some serious catching up to do.

The mid-season finale folds up the spying shenanigans 10 minutes before the episode's closure, which left plenty of time for some pretty major WTF bombs. Firstly, Doe sneaks out of her apartment unchaperoned to steal a quick kiss with Weller and, I'm afraid to say, the chemistry between the two is still utterly vacant. Not getting this subplot at all, to be honest. A grinning Weller then allows Jane to walk home alone and predictably, she's kidnapped.

While being waterborded by C.I.A villain Carter, tree-tattoo-sexy-dream-dude shows up (his name is Oscar, btw) and reveals not one but two major plot twists... but you'll have to find those out for yourself!

Cryptic Clue:

As you'll remember from the previous episode, David spotted and followed a suspect with the library book he'd been defiantly decoding against Patterson's request, a self-appointed task which resulted in his death.

In this episode there was no tattooed tip off for the first time ever, and instead we picked up directly after David's murder, and focused on the cryptic code found inside a second book. A code which directly lead to an assassination assignment 10 years in the making...

Blindspots / Questions for Episode 11:

1. Will Oscar become a main character and help Jane Doe discover the truth?

Or will he disappear as quickly as he came?

2. Will Mayfair get away with the murder of Saul?

Or will all the blame fall on her now Carter is dead?

3. If Carter is dead, who will the next villain be?

And will they be worse?

4. Will Tasha hand in her resignation letter?

Or will she hear of Carter's death in time?

5. Will there be an awkward love triangle between Jane Doe, Kurt Weller and Oscar?

Kidding, that's not really a question - of course there will be!

The second half of 'Blindspot' Season 1 will return in February.

Source: NYTimes, TV Fanatic


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