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If you've ever wondered who the chosen protégé to continue Michael Jackson's musical legacy was, it seems like Aaron Carter has the answer for you and, it's himself!

While some might be tempted to think that perhaps MJ's own children, or even the super talented Shaheen Jafargholi who sang at the King of Pop's funeral might be more deserving stars to cary Jackson's musical torch, Aaron Carter seemed adamant that he was the chosen one in a barrage of bizarre Tweets yesterday.

The first Tweet by the 'I Want Candy' star simply read "Remember one very important thing. Michael passed down the torch to me. I never had to ask for him to do that," and although it was swiftly deleted, plenty of other Jackson-related Tweets followed in quick succession. Check out the rest of what Carter had to say below:

In case anyone was confused about the saying "passing the torch," Carter also let it be known that the torch was only a metaphor for a jacket. Duh.

Unsurprisingly, this rant attracted a whole swarm of haters with its delicious delusional honey and Carter was soon leaping to defend himself for the hordes desperate to take a swipe at him.

In a final move, Carter insinuated that there had been some unkind and tasteless puns about Michael Jackson's 'torch' and the young Aaron with his closing statement to those who refused to see eye-to-eye.

And that, my friends, is how the internet works.

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