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It must be a strange time to be Tom Holland. A relatively obscure but clearly talented young actor, he's been skyrocketed into fame and the public eye ever since it was announced back in the summer that he'd be portraying the fan favourite Marvel character Spider-Man in his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, replacing Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield as the web-slinger.

To his credit Holland seems to be handling his newfound fame very well, and his Instagram account has become a goldmine of little sneak peaks towards his preparation for the role. Of course the big Spider-Man reveal is set to be one of the most pivotal moments of the MCU, so details of his costume and Spidey's role in the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) has been kept very close to everyone's respective chests.

But a recent image posted by Holland seems to hint towards some of the source material from which his Spider-Man may be drawing from.

Impressive guns aside, the haircut that Holland is displaying here looks very similar to a specific one sported by Peter Parker in the comic books, namely the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books. This has led to speculation that this run of the comics will serve as source material for the MCU Spider-Man.

And it does makes a lot of sense to take a slightly different angle for the MCU; whilst Andrew Garfield's Spidey was named for the Amazing Spider-Man (which ran on and off from the character's inception in the early 60s until now), Ultimate Spider-Man is a little different - and it's not just the haircut.

In fact if the MCU takes storylines from the Ultimate version of Spider-Man it would explain a lot about their casting and decision making around the central female characters in Spidey's world...

Aunt May

Damn that rap music
Damn that rap music

In Ultimate Spider-Man Aunt May is a little younger than in Amazing, she's a widow in her 50s who works as a secretary and takes a slightly more active role in the events of the comics. Drawing from Ultimate explains the casting of Marisa Tomei, which was initially criticised for replacing an older actress with a younger one. She's also tough as nails and not afraid to show it.

Tomei's on-screen predecessors Rosemary Harris and Sally Field were 74 and 66 respectively at the time they portrayed Aunt May. However Tomei is 50, and whilst some fans may take issue with this it does fit in the Ultimate continuity. Even if Tomei doesn't have the white haired pixie cut (yet).

Ultimate Aunt May takes nae shite
Ultimate Aunt May takes nae shite

Tomei is set to appear as Aunt May in the MCU Spider-Man reboot in 2017 and she's been rumoured to be appearing in Captain America: Civil War too, but we'll have to wait until that releases on May 6th 2016 to know for sure.

Mary Jane To Return As Love Interest

Yep, in Ultimate it's Mary Jane Watson who provides the primary love interest throughout the series, not Gwen Stacy. Gwen was portrayed by Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man movies and killed when Spider-Man tried to save her from the Green Goblin, accidentally breaking her neck when he caught her falling in a scene lifted straight from the Amazing Spider-Man comics.

In Ultimate Gwen appears as a close friend of Peter and Mary Jane, and also as a potential rival love interest. Despite some initial jealously from Mary Jane Gwen maintains that she loves Peter only as a brother, which is enforced when Aunt May takes her in following the death of her father as an adoptive daughter of sorts.

So whilst Gwen may reappear as a sisterly figure to Peter, if Marvel follow the Ultimate route it'll be Mary Jane back on centre stage as his one true love. D'aww.

Whilst it's likely that Mary Jane will appear in the as yet untitled Spider-Man film we've still got no official confirmation on that part, nor do we know who'll portray her.


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