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(Note - the following is, with the notable exception of a (SPOILER-protected) section towards the end, more-or-less SPOILER-FREE, even if you haven't yet finished watching Jessica Jones's first season. Unless, of course, you don't want to know absolutely anything about David Tennant's Kilgrave, in which case tread carefully...)

With Jessica Jones having finally hit our screens, and generally blown everyone away with its pitch-perfect blend of grit, humor and classic Marvel characterization, it's inevitably already time to begin dwelling on the show's future.

After all, if there's one thing geek-culture teaches us, it's that it's always fun to speculate wildly about plot, casting, and character development, and to generally think years ahead of ourselves. What's more, with anything adapted from a comic book, it's also possible to add to that list the classic question of 'which storylines will we see turn up soon?'

In Jessica Jones's case, Kotaku's Evan Narcisse has raised an intriguing possibility on that front. Specifically:

Are These the Villains We're Set to See in Season 2?

Yup, that's right.

Purple children.

And not just any purple children - the purple children of the Purple Man himself - Kilgrave (who, just to make things confusing, is actually called Killgrave in the comic books, but we'll stick with the TV spelling here).

During Mark Waid's recent (critically acclaimed) run on Daredevil's solo comic book, we were introduced to Kilgrave's kids...

...who not only shared their father's ability to manipulate the minds of others...

...(which are, as it happens, so powerful that they can control people without even needing to speak)...

..but opted to use those powers to mess with Daredevil's head...

...(to the point that he was left in a fetal position, crushed by his own past emotional trauma)...

...and to attempt to murder their own father:

All of which would, it seems, make for an absolutely fascinating plotline for a second season of Jessica Jones, with Daredevil's role being replaced (though perhaps not entirely) by Jessica.

The big question, though?

Could It Actually Happen?

Well, on the one hand - absolutely. It would raise serious moral questions about the foiling of the kids' dastardly actions (and their own responsibility for them), which is exactly the sort of complex, adult subject matter Netflix's Marvel shows seem to love tackling.

On the other hand, though (and this is where the SPOILERS for Jessica Jones Season 1 kick in):

The ending of Jessica Jones may possibly raise a slight issue with the arrival of Kilgrave's kids, seeing as with him apparently being very, very dead, his role in Jessica's story may well be intended to be largely over. Add in the fact that he seemed shocked at the possibility of having impregnated Hope, and the idea of him having consciously brought together a number of his children (as he did in the comic books) might be a little too far-fetched for the show.

Or, in other words?

The terrifying purple children could turn up - but as things stand, it's probably something of a long shot.

That being said - if Jessica Jones leaves you wanting more terrifying purple-related comic book awesomeness, you could do a lot worse than checking out Daredevil (2014), issues 8 through 10...

What do you think, though?

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