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He Needed a Girl, she was Into Him, but Nobody was Gonna Hold Him Down. Although the Ignition on their relationship stalled in 2001, it looks like J-Lo and Diddy are on good terms after they were snapped partying following the AMAs.

I'm Into You

J-Lo had her own private after party (remember, she is a diva after all) which was attended by some of the biggest names in music. P Diddy's Vodka brand, Cîroc, sponsored the bash, which probably explains why everyone was in such high spirits.

Lopez even had a projector displaying "JLO" on a massive screen, which is a sure sign you've made it big-time.

Live It Up

The 46-year-old was hosting the 2015 American Music Awards, and even treated viewers to a 10 minute rendition of all her greatest hits. It's fair to say, she's still got it.

Dance Again

I'm glad she's the Same Girl and judging from these pictures, she's still Feelin' So Good.

"She's a Great Friend of Mine"

The showbiz pair dated for two years between 1999 and 2001. Diddy has previously expressed his, uhem, admiration for Lopez's 'assets,' claiming her famous behind was a "work of art." Talking to Access Hollywood Live in 2014, he said:

"She's a great friend of mine, always will be my friend, and I mean that thing is just incredible, man."

Source: Huffington Post, Access Hollywood


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