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(Warning - the following contains major SPOILERS for season one of Jessica Jones, as well as potential SPOILERS for future seasons and other Marvel TV shows. Proceed with caution, and all that...)

Now, with Jessica Jones having had close to a week of Netflix availability, more and more fans have had the chance to finish up the near thirteen hours of awesomeness, and join the past weekends binge watchers in asking one incredibly important question: which classic Marvel cameo did the show-runners hide up in that there show? Well, we took a general look at some of the heroes that were just teased right here, but the classic Marvel villain we kind of - but not quite saw - only grabbed a brief mention.

Which is something we're now going to attempt to make up for, seeing as:

Jessica Jones Just Teased a Classic Marvel Super-Villain

Specifically, that one: Frank 'Nuke' Simpson, a psychologically disturbed super-soldier and black-ops specialist, who first appeared back in Daredevil #232.

Now, over the years, Nuke has faced off against Daredevil...

...had some considerable issues with Captain America...

...and played a key role in Wolverine's history...

...but hasn't, historically, had all that much to do with Jessica Jones. That, however, hasn't stopped him from turning up in season one of the character's show all the same. Y'see:

(Note, this is where the SPOILERS really start to kick in...)

Nuke is Secretly a Supporting Character in Jessica Jones

Yup, that's right. Nuke isn't simply hinted at in Jessica Jones, or gently teased in a passing reference - he's a main character.

Specifically, he's this main character:

Will Simpson himself is, in fact, Marvel comic-book super-villain Nuke.

How Do We Know This, Though?

Well, for one thing, Wil Traval, who plays Simpson, teased his role back in October, suggesting that:

"People may recognize him from the comics. His last name is 'Simpson,'... He comes from that period of the '70s where they had post-Vietnam War, those psycho super-soldiers. That's his origin point, but we reinvented him for the television series."

Which sure sounds like Nuke, but was still vague enough to leave it all a little unclear, especially since his character's first name turned out to be Will, rather than the comic books's Frank.

And then this happened...

Not only did Will Simpson turn out to be an ex-black ops killer with a penchant for going off the rails - all very Nuke-like - he was eventually visited by a mysterious doctor, who provided him with red, white and blue pills, before refusing to 'give him a red' as he requested. The reason that matters?

Asking - well, telling - people to 'give him a red' is very much Nuke's catchphrase...

Even then, though, Simpson could still have been nothing more than a red herring, right? After all, he didn't ever really seem to be all that patriotic - and that whole 'American flag tattoo' thing Nuke has going on, along with his unhinged brand of patriotism, is a pretty essential part of the character. Will Simpson, though, didn't seem to really be on board with that.

Well, until this, at any rate:

That's right - Will totally has an American flag lighter, adding Nuke's iconic imagery to the already overwhelming argument that Will Simpson is, in actual fact, Nuke.

The key question now, though?

What Does Nuke's Presence Mean For the MCU?

Well, on the one hand, it might mean nothing at all - we may never see Will again, and if we do, it may be as simple as a traumatized ass-hole who Trish has some serious grievances with.

On the other hand, it's worth remembering that The Kingpin is still very much alive... and that Nuke's first comic-book appearance involved him being hired by the crime-boss to take out Daredevil (above).

A handy way to tie together Daredevil and Jessica Jones, anyone?

What do you reckon, though?


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