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Allanah Faherty

Yesterday, after weeks of waiting for it, the writers of The Walking Dead finally revealed what happened to our favorite former pizza boy, Glenn.

After setting off with the unstable Nicholas on a mission to burn down a food store, the plan went awry after it turned out the store had already been razed. The pair then ran into further trouble when they were backed into an alleyway and surrounded by walkers and walls on all sides. In the end, Nicholas couldn't handle the pressure and committed suicide, falling on top of Glenn and forcing them both into the pile of walkers in the process.

When audiences last laid eyes on Glenn, it looked as though his intestines were being ripped from his body as he cried out in what looked to be agony.

Unfortunately for us viewers, that's where Glenn's story ended until finally in episode 7, 'Heads Up,' it was revealed exactly what happened to Glenn. Relive that moment of relief all over again:

That's right, Glenn being the quick thinker he is, simply shimmied underneath the narrow gap under the dumpster and killed the walkers closest to him, forming a nice walker-y barrier around the base of the dumpster.

Then after one of the grimmest nights of his life, Glenn was able to emerge safely from under the dumpster to a now-cleared alleyway.

Where he was greeted by Enid yelling "Heads Up!"

Glenn's brush with death was probably one of the most tense storylines the show has had in some time, and I know fans were very, very divided on whether or not they thought he was alive or dead. Ultimately though, Glenn got a second chance at life -- here's hoping he makes the most of it.



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