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If we are to believe Latino Review the answer is yes.

According to a rumor, which seems to trace back to Latino Review, the superheroine Black Canary will make her big screen debut in the new Justice League movie. They even go as far as suggesting Black Canary will be used "as a launching point for a female-centric team-up movie later on," namely Birds of Prey. Whether there is any truth to these rumors we cannot say, as officials from DC Entertainment or Warner Bros. have yet to comment on it.

So who is Black Canary?

Black Canary is actually two people, the original being Dinah Drake. Dinah fought crime as the Black Canary during World War 2 and the Golden Age of Comic Books, and her daughter, Dinah Lance, took over when she was old enough. Black Canary uses martial arts and a sonic scream attack to defeat her enemies, and she has been described as one of the greatest fighters in the DC universe. She is a member of the Justice League, so it would make sense to feature her in the movie.

Who would play her?

According the source, two actresses are currently being eyed to portray Black Canary. One of them is Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road) and the other is Alona Tal (Burn Notice and Supernatural).

Abbey Lee
Abbey Lee
Alona Tal
Alona Tal

Since there is no reliable source for these rumors, it seems the Latino Review has just done their own fan-cast, and there is of course nothing wrong with this. In fact, one actress I would love to see play Black Canary is Dianna Agron, best known for Glee and I Am Number Four.

Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron

So is there any truth to the rumors?

At this point we don't have anything else to base the rumors on apart from the Latino Review website. Since they aren't citing a source, it's unfortunately very unreliable, but we can always hope, of course. Personally, I would love to see Black Canary make it to the big screen, she is a pretty kick-ass superheroine and she sure knows how to wear a pair of fishnet stockings.

Source: Latino Review


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