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The Attack on Titan is quickly becoming one of Japan's biggest franchises. After the international success of the anime based on the cult Shingeki No Kyojin manga, the franchise exploded. A two-parter live action movie was released, along with several spinoff mangas and a high school AU anime show. All of this has helped to fill the gap between seasons, which will stretch to 3 years by the time season 2 finally airs in 2016. Of course there's a few more releases to keep us busy before then, so here's how to get your Attack On Titan fix!

New Gameplay Footage

The Attack On Titan video game is soon to be released in Japan, and will arrive in US stores at the beginning of 2016.

Eren takes down a Titan in the AoT game
Eren takes down a Titan in the AoT game

So far it looks pretty awesome. The plot will follow the same storyline as the first season of the anime. The majority of the action is set during the Battle Of Trost (easily the highlight of the season, in my opinion), while the tutorial stage takes players to the drill grounds for the 104th Training Corps, where the characters train in the anime. This is nicely immersive, and will be fun for fans of the anime (all we need now is a mini-game entitled Sasha's Potato Hunt).

The screenshots that have been released look very impressive, and now we've got some gameplay footage too! Check it out...

The action is animated as beautifully as in the anime, and so far the characters seem easy to control. Of course, it's difficult to judge a game based on footage alone, so we'll have to wait until early reviews pour in from the Japanese gamers. But so far it looks great!

Anthology Comic

At NYCC it was announced that an English language Western comic will soon be released as a spinoff from Attack on Titan. This will be a collection of short stories set in the Shingeki No Kyojin world, with 17 artists and writers contributing and published by Kodansha. The creators hail from a variety of publishers, including Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel. All the stories will be between 5 and 25 pages long, with the full anthology containing 250 pages in total. And best of all, they'll be in full colour!

Michael Avon Oeming's AoT cover art
Michael Avon Oeming's AoT cover art

This is the first time a group of Western comic creators have compiled an anthology of comics based on a Japanese manga, and it's pretty darn exciting. Ben Applegate, head of the Kodansha editorial team, told CBR that he was inspired by the Animatrix to create this new comic, which will feature all kinds of storytelling.

"We're trying to create a book with a wide variety of stories, so I want to start with what the creators are interested in doing and go from there. So far, we've got a few serious stories in the Titan continuity, a few stories involving Titans in new settings, and a few completely off-the-wall comedy pieces."

The creators have full reign over what they can write, and as fans of the manga themselves they have plenty of ideas. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a more in depth look at the Attack On Titan world, as we discover unsung heroes and stories that didn't make it into the main plotline.

Tomur Hanuka's AoT cover art
Tomur Hanuka's AoT cover art

Novelist Genevieve Valentine gave some insight on her story...

"The depth of the worldbuilding tends to ask more questions than it answers in really eerie ways. By the time we hit the 57th expedition, all I could think of was the tourists that had gone to that forest, and what life must have been like, oblivious and just on the edge of disaster, for those hundred years of peace."

Like season 2 of the anime, this anthology comic will be available in early 2016.

Season 2 Sneak Peak!

Ok, so this isn't strictly official, but a scene from season 2 of the Attack On Titan anime was recently screened at a convention, and one fan managed to film the scene. This dives straight into the mystery of the Titans in the walls, which will be a main focus of season 2.

Damn, Hanji doesn't pull punches, but it's good to know she's not ready to straight up murder a dude when he doesn't give her the information she wants. The preview doesn't give us any answers... yet, though it proves that season 2 will be just as exciting and action-packed as the first season.

So there you have it folks! There's bright things in Attack On Titan's future so all's left to say is - roll on 2016!


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