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*'Supergirl' Spoilers Lie Ahead!*

As you most likely know, this week's episode of Supergirl was due to be released last week, it was postponed as a consequence of acts of terrorism in Paris. This was due to the fact that the episode contained a number of bombings which could have upset viewers. However, the show is new and still constructing its world, so CBS couldn't wait too long before releasing 'How Does She Do It?'

The episode was certainly of good quality: the overhanging story of bombings amidst the subplot of Kara (Melissa Benoist) taking care of Cat Grant's (Calista Flockhart) son Carter (Levi Miller), really worked well. This also gave the chance for Cat to deliver another lecture which seemed to mysteriously apply to both Kara and Supergirl.

Overall, the episode was impressive and it seems to be finding its footing, but unfortunately there weren't many references to speak of. That being said, I've listed a few DC references and easter eggs which I spotted within the episode.

DC References and Easter Eggs in 'How Does She Do It?'

1. Lucy Lane Is Superwoman

Some of you might know that in the comic books Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan Tatum) briefly played a character called Superwoman, who possessed a military super-suit which gave her the abilities of a Kryptonian. This suit was eventually destroyed in a battle with Supergirl, but the abilities remained.

Much like her comic book counterpart, Lucy Lane is involved with the military, so is it possible her future in the show will involve super-powers?

Lucy has already mentioned a certain jealousy towards Supergirl's relationship with James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), so is this the beginning of an antagonistic relationship?

2. Winn The Toy Man

I've previously revealed that Winn's (Jeremy Jordan) incarcerated father is soon to join the show, played by Henry Czerny (Revenge).

Winn's past and his relationship with his father have been teased to us since episode 1, with the most recent revelation being that his father is in prison.

'How Does She Do It?' teased us a little more, by revealing that Winn Schott Jr. is a fan of toys, or "adult collectables," just like his father.

So tech-savvy and a fan of toys... Winn really does take after his father!

3. Siegel Prize

It's also worth noting that in 'How Does She Do It?' Cat Grant beat Lois Lane out of a 'Siegal Prize for Women in Media.' Considering the co-creator of Superman was Jerry Siegel it can be assumed this is a wink to the audience, as well as a reference to the man who made the super-franchise possible.

Although Siegal didn't contribute to the making of Supergirl, the super-powered heroine couldn't have been possible without her cousin.

4. Max Lord Is Filling the Role of Lex Luthor

I've previously written that Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) is a DC comics ambiguity who has played a hero, a villain and everything in between. In fact, actor Facinelli even described his character as being in the grey area: he's not an ally to Supergirl, but not an enemy either.

"He's not a Lex Luthor, selfishly trying to take over the world. In his righteous mind, he's doing good."

However, in 'How Does She Do it?' we saw a side to Lord which suggests much darker aspects to his character, including his having followed Supergirl and planned public attacks to gauge her speed, strength and cognitive reasoning. It seems Lord is determined to figure-out Supergirl's powers; this seems to reflect his comic book persona, who had an apparent mistrust of the powerful.

Drawing parallels with Lex Luthor, in the most recent episode of Supergirl we see a sign above Lord's 'Super Rail' which seems indicative of Lex Luthor. The double 'R' seemed a little blunt, as I'm sure the audience was already following the comparison to the classic Superman villain.

5. Duplication of a Superman Scene

Keeping with Maxwell Lord for a moment, the final scene with Lord and Supergirl was definitely inspired by the pilot of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, in which Superman dropped in on Lex to have a discussion.

This allows us to draw yet more parallels between Supergirl and Superman. In addition to making Maxwell Lord show his more devious side, indicative of Lex Luthor, Supergirl is also mirroring scenes from Superman adaptations.

This episode really was working to let us know that Max and Lex have a few things in common! But what will be Lord's role in future episodes?

This scene additionally offered us the title for the episode, as Maxwell stares menacingly at Supergirl and says "How does she do it?"

6. Hank Henshaw!

Surely no Supergirl recap would be complete without a reference to Hank Henshaw. The character has been our primary tease throughout the show, with the Supergirl creators showing us his glowing red eyes, or possibly treating us with a flash of his past.

In this episode we saw Henshaw using his powers to disarm a bomb. Although it wasn't made clear exactly how he did it, we did get a prolonged sequence of his glowing eyes and a brief sequence in which he showed incredible strength.

After this he claimed the bomb was a dud and explained the whole thing away. I won't get into the fact that he just left the bomb lying around; surely he knew someone would discover that the bomb was real, but ignoring the convenient plot-point, it was good to see Hank Henshaw in action!


What do you think of Supergirl so far?

(Source:, Comicvine.)


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