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Due to a scheduled break, we'll have to wait until December 2 to see the next episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, but this doesn't mean we can't indulge in a little healthy speculation. Will Ramona Royale get her revenge on The Countess? Will Alex or John ever truly give a shit about Scarlett? And who is the Ten Commandments killer?

The promo for the next episode - aptly titled 'The Ten Commandments Killer', written by Ryan Murphy himself - is worth watching for budding AHS detectives...

In true American Horror Story style, this promo raises more questions than it answers.

What have Sally & Mr. March got going on?

Sally and Mr. March are having a pretty heated discussion, which is interesting because these two characters have had very little interaction with each other compared with their deeper relationships with other protagonists. The interchange in this clip is guaranteed to get fans wondering (are they talking about John Lowe?):

Sally: "We have unfinished business together."

Mr. March: "He's not yours!"

Who is this guy?

He's certainly a visual match for the series-long 'identical hot guys' riddle of American Horror Story: Hotel. The last episode, 'Flicker' revealed that the identical guys were present because of The Countess's desire to replace her long lost love, Rodolfo Valentino with a similar man, but now Valentino's back to life (or something resembling it) that may all change...

... and who is chloroforming him?

There's certainly no shortage of psychos willing to do such a thing in the Hotel Cortez. The masculine sinew indicates a guy, and who better than famed serial killer James Patrick March? Of course, he wouldn't usually bother wearing gloves to do his dirty work...

Here's what the Mystery Man sees...

It looks like the 'lust' killing - the woman pinned to the headboard - that we saw in the very first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Here's a picture of that for reference. Is this unknown man... the Ten Commandments Killer?

Will the Killer be revealed?

We see Sally lead John Lowe down a corridor saying:

"I'm telling you there are answers on the other side of this door"

Do you think that we'll find out who the Ten Commandments Killer is on the next episode of American Horror Story: Hotel?

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