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It's been 2 weeks since Fallout 4 players were let out of their vaults and into the unknown expanse of New England's vast wasteland, yet gamers are still discovering new and surprising easter eggs, the latest of which is one of the most unexpectedly awesome celebrity cameos I've seen in recent years.

Reddit user AresWarGod spotted a rather familiar face while roaming Boston's irradiated landscape, confirming my suspicions that the only two things to survive the apocalypse will be cockroaches and Charlie Sheen. Check out the ex-Two and a Half Men star below:

Understandably vexed with the press, the wasteland's Sheen will tell you "Newspapers just like to stir up trouble" -- a backhanded joke from the developers. It's awesome little discoveries like these that will keep me playing Fallout for the many dark winter months to come!

Of course, Sheen isn't the only celebrity to appear in the game. Inventive players have been using the Fallout 4's extremely versatile character creation tool to replicate some other familiar faces...

Taylor Swift

Mr. Bean

Hulk Hogan

Kanye West

Louis C.K.

Bob Ross

I never knew the wasteland was so star-studded.

[Source: Reddit]


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