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Once this show was announced it seemed to get a lot of hate. To be honest I used to be on the very same boat. However as a reviewer I wasn't about just let nostalgia for the original show not allow me to check this show out. And now it's been a hundred episode plus series. So today I decided to ask can this show really be that bad but have made it this far?

One aspect that I often see is that many fans were upset with is that the original shows ending was cut off. However for me I don't see it as a last episode. The one where all the heroes face all the villains is where I like to think this show ended. On that not it's kind of a fitting ending episode. And overall I liked what the show offered and felt like it was a good point to move on.

Which brings me to Young Justice a show that took over once Teen Titans was over. From what I can recall from the show it had a very serious tune and was action packed. This is where Teen Titans Go comes in. A lot of fans were upset to hear that Go would replace Young Justice.

I gave it a chance and found myself really enjoying the show. Sure it took a while to get used to the new looks and style but the show found it's own bazaar rhythm. It also helped that the show was part of a pretty good line up including The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Adventure time and other shows.

Each Episode wad random and got me to laugh most of the time with it's random humor. There were pretty good fighting scenes when they came up. The show was also really easy to meme. I don't consider that a bad thing either. It was one episode that really caught my attention and that was one where some of the young justice team appeared on the show.

It was then it hit me. Why this show was "Really Good" but not catching any flames. We see that young Justice takes everything really seriously and when the titans show of their style they Justice team thinks their too childish. So the titans decide to go over serious themselves. It ended up being funny too. And that's when it it me.

I don't once remember laughing while watching young justice. The show never came across as funny. I dare say that the show took itself too seriously. It only really hit one kind of audience. While Go seemed to be for a younger audience with some hints of nostalgic dark humor thrown in. It was for both kids and adults. While thinking about objectively one could say Go is a better show for this.

For people who still hate the show, I would ask them if I go this question. Do you love to hate the show? Meaning do you watch the show just to hate it. Even from a dynamic from being bad it still comes across better then young justice because it feels like more people talk about how much they hate Go. Sure the show is nowhere near perfect but I think it has found a formula that works. It has broke my expectations at times. And that is that mark of a good show in my opinion. Check out my video below as I celebrate having made 200 videos on YouTube:


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