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The very nature of being an actor is that of being a chameleon who is rarely in the spotlight for expressing your true self, and maybe it is this aspect of fame that leads big names to expose their more vulnerable side through artwork.

The celebs below have all collaborated or created their own artworks that reveal a little more of their true essence, but did you know that these well known faces had a visually creative side?

Cate Blanchett

Collaborated with: Julian Rosefeldt

Name of art work: 'Manifestos'

What's it all about? Cate Blanchett was transformed into various different individuals to become a visual representation of various different artist manifestos. Read more about it and see more images HERE.

Robin Williams, Sean Penn, Lawrence Fishburne, Daniel Craig, Ben Stiller, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and more

Collaborated with: Sam Taylor Johnson

Name of art work: 'Crying Men'

What's it all about? Crying Men examines the relationship between the artifice inherent in acting and the realities of a society that often demeans and belittles male vulnerability to negative effect.

David Beckham

Collaborated with: Sam Taylor Johnson

Name of art work: 'David'

What's it all about? Taylor Johnson (then Taylor Wood) filmed a video of Beckham sleeping in a hotel room in Madrid in one long take. Her art work displaying the vulnerability and fragility of the human body and self, especially in people who have an elevated status in society that can cause people to regard them as "other."

James Franco

Collaborated with: Franco normally makes his artwork alone.

Name of art work: The above work is entitled 'New Film Still #21,' although Franco has dipped his toe into the art world multiple times.

What's it all about? The particular work above is a homage to the pioneering photographer Cindy Sharman. Although technically proficient, the work was criticized for totally appropriating Sherman's imagery and taking a project specifically about how movies are filmed with the 'male gaze' in mind and totally disregarding that.


Collaborated with: Marina Abramović

Name of art work: Picasso Baby

What's it all about? Based on Abramović s three month long performance 'The Artist is Present,' where visitors were invited to sit opposite the world renowned artist and look into her eyes, Jay-Z attempts to convey some of the emotion of human connection with strangers.

Whereas Abramović's original 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece made multiple people cry and changed the artists life "completely – every possible element, every physical emotion," Jay-Z's performance seemed more like a very weird concert, but I'm sure you had to be there!

Miley Cyrus

Collaborated with: Jeremy Scott helped Miley nab an exhibition space at the Mercer gallery, but the work is all Cyrus's own.

Name of art work: The exhibition was entitled "Dirty Hippie"

What's it all about? Ummm, she just being Miley?

(Source: Artnet, ACMI)


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