ByTaly Andino, writer at
Taly Andino

So while I was watching Monday Night Football last night between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. The following commercial aired:


As always when seeing anything Star Wars: The Force Awakens on TV, the fan starts looking for bits of information, and for some reason, we might have gotten a big reveal during this commercial. At the 0:33 mark you see that little girl being escorted by first order Stormtroopers, and she just happens to be dressed like Rey. At that point she vends off the Stormtroopers using force powers. She is then given a lightsaber, which happens to be GREEN.

Luke's lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. Her brother uses the blue lightsaber that we've all seen in trailers and TV spots.

A bit of a reach or hidden meanings?

Let me know what you think.


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