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After a touchingly honest letter about his struggles with body dysmorphia and plastic surgery, Modern Family star Reid Ewing has made another announcement worth applauding.

Actually, even calling this an "announcement" may be overstating things, considering Ewing's impressively understated approach to the news. The actor has confirmed that he's gay in one hilariously nonchalant tweet, and it makes you wonder if this may be the new normal for coming out.

He first tweeted his thoughts on a hot guy

Good Morning America aired a segment inspired by Ewing's article, and he posted his attraction to one of the guys they profiled.

One of his followers quickly reached out wondering if this meant he was outing himself .

And Ewing hit him with the most casual response

Judging by this response, Ewing may not have made a big press release or talk show interview about his sexuality, but that certainly doesn't mean he was hiding.

It feels like we're in a transitional time when it comes to being openly gay in Hollywood. There's still a fear among studios and some audiences that gay actors can't "play straight," so I have to commend the ones who reject this ignorance and live their lives freely.

However, as Reid himself points out, just as he "came out" without much fanfare, he doesn't want people to focus entirely on his identity. He'd much rather get people talking about the body image issues he brings up in his article, topics which people still scoff at when they affect men.

So, take the time to read over his personal experiences with cosmetic surgery and body dysmorphia at The Huffington Post if you haven't already! And then feast your eyes on the music video for "In the Moonlight (Do Me)" because that just never gets old.

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