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If you've been following Supergirl, you'll know that the latest (and first) superheroine to debut on DC's TV lineup is still in the process of understanding what it means to be a superhero. The most recent episode, which featured the debut of villainess Livewire, also included the beginnings of a huge reveal concerning Kara's parents -- another problem to solve alongside the growing threat of evil alien invaders.

Speaking of, next Monday's episode features the debut of Red Tornado, a classic DC comic villain that looks like he's going to cause some serious trouble for the Girl of Steel. Check it out:

It also seems that -- in spite of the heartwarming scenes between Kara (both as herself and as Supergirl) and Cat Grant finally beginning to bond -- there's going to be even more friction between the driven CEO and her assistant.

The upcoming episode, titled "Red Faced", premieres on Monday, November 30th.


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