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"War... War Never Changes."

Fallout 4 is a game that takes place a few years after the events of fallout 3. In the commonwealth of Massachusetts (I was born in Boston! I lived in Hanscom Air Force Base for a while)

Plot twists and story turns keep you on the edge of your seat while you explore a beautiful wasteland (....beautiful FOR a nuclear wasteland, anyway.) People suffer on a daily basis, trying to survive. Nothing beats blowing the head off of a Feral Ghoul at 100 yards while listening to Cole Porter!

Time to Review!

Aside from the few launch glitches that happened (Which will happen for just about any game on launch day, no game will be perfect) Fallout 4 was next to perfect on Launch day. Lack of too many game breaking glitches gets an 8/10

I have heard of one or two game breaking glitches happening but I have not encountered these as of yet.

The Crafting system is awesome. You can build a base, home, outpost, even a fort. You can do what you want with the crafting system, and that is what makes it unique and brilliant. There are some glitches I have encountered, like the crafting system saying you don't have the supplies but you do. The Crafting system gets a 9/10

The Weapon Modding system in this game is absolutely perfect. You can turn a baseball bat into something from an 80's late night horror movie! (Oh no, two people kissing in a car, we all know where this is going.)

I love adding my own personal touch to weapons to make them my own creation, you can even give them your own name! Anything you want! Scopes from Dot Sights to Recon Scopes all the way to Long Range Night Vision Scopes. Silencers, Triggers, even different types of Magazines! There is something for any type of engagement! The weapons modding system gets a glorious 10/10!

(Dont even get me started on the power armor, instant 10/10)

All in all, this game gets a 10/10, Would binge play again! (I would give a more detailed review, but I am going to go play fallout 4 now. So if you will excuse me.) This is a game I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The only thing that can make this game better is if they had the complete series of M.A.S.H. on holotape to watch on your pipboy.

~ Zach Wagoner


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