ByJohn Bowersox, writer at

To date I still feel that Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor in the original movie far exceeded my expectations. The characterization is amazing and his evolving mannerisms toward others were flawless. If you pay attention you can see that when Jane explains to him how important her journal is to her that it is at this point that he begins to realize that there are more important things out there than Thor. The evolution of the character from an egotistical brat to someone who unexpectedly finds something (and someone) that they care more about than life itself was seamless and believable.

My benchmark for those in the SAG (Screen Actors Guild for the uninitiated) is based on how I think of them at the end of each movie. If I am thinking of them as the actor then they could have done better. If I am thinking of them as the character then they did well. I like this benchmark because the more roles they play and/or when they play benchmark roles, the more difficult it is for them to have me think more of them in their current role as opposed to thinking of them other ones. Because of the way that Chris brought this role to life, I almost feel sorry for the next actor to play any version of Thor as Chris has set the bar far higher than any mere mortal can reach.

I am very glad that they were able to Cast Chris Hemsworth in this role because in my mind, he brought a truly multi-dimensional character to life in a way that I never would have thought possible before watching this movie.


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