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Judge Minion

You have Supergirl and Gotham on the same time on two competing Networks. Personally Gotham is the better show.

Just my opinion.

The idea of DC properties competing against each other does not seem like a great idea. Overall it could hurt the DC Brand.

DC has 2 major movies coming out in 2016 and several already in production. Is it wise to have The Batman and Superman Legacy shows going head to head?

Supergirl has been bouncing in the ratings. It is still doing better ratings than Gotham. Supergirl has a higher production cost. Not to mention the story telling is shaky. New shows can struggle for the first season. Look at Star Trek the Next Generation. Yeah. Yeah you already know.

Will CBS hang in for the ratings to balance out? Going by the CBS track record for Sci Fi.


CBS is not big on the Sci Fi Fantasy Genre. When you think Sci Fi CBS does not come to mind. Name the last Sci Fi Show on CBS. The Big Bang Theory does not count.

Gotham has been solid in the ratings. The big problem with that is no growth. Gotham is not pulling new viewers. Lack of growth can be the kiss of death on FOX.

Gotham has no loyalty with FOX. Gotham can easily be replaced if FOX gets the green light to produce an X-Men Based TV Show. Now if FOX and Marvel / Disney can work out a deal for TV Rights goodbye. Gotham cannot fit into CW model.

This could be the Swan Song for both shows.

But it is still early in the Season.


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