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About Episode seven...

About a week ago Episode 7 of the flash premièred. I love the flash I think its iconic and the way they use the Original flash (John Wesley Shipp) as Barry's dad. But does Henry seem a bit suspicious?

From Beginning

As you all know Henry got locked up for"killing" his wife (Nora Allen) At the beginning of season 2 he got released because "wells" Aka Eobard Thawne admitted to kill Barry's Mum.

As soon as Henry was released he stayed in central city for a few hours to say his goodbyes to everyone.But why was he in a hurry?

He has been in prison and hasn't seen his son in years!

Maybe Henry which i hate to say got killed in the act of the singularity. maybe a speedster went through the breach,

killed Barry's dad and is now acting like Barry's dad to build up trust to back stab him.


Today i decided to watch the flash (like any other day) and found something which might prove henry is a speedster.

In one of the episodes Wells releases a new watch in earth two which detects a speedster with a glow. Jay Garrick comes in and tells the audience at the revealing that wells created Zoom. When jay runs away Wells says

"Ladies and.. Gentlemen.. at least you know the watch works"

The watch glows when a speedster is detected and when i was watching flash as morning I found out that in the last few minutes in the episode "gorilla warfare" Henry Allen shakes Harry's hand and if you look carefully you see wells' watch glow.

After shaking hands with Henry.
After shaking hands with Henry.

I know this is a shock but what you see here is evidence.

Tell us what do you think?


Is Henry A Speedster?


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