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Jamil Wright

There will be Spoilers ahead for the current season of The Walking Dead, so please beware...

For those who are all caught up with The Walking Dead, you know the current situation every character is in. However, the particular character that surrounds my theory is:


Carl has been with us since the very first season, making him a pretty important character but lately, he's been having some issues with another character, Ron.

Ron and Carl actually started out as friends, but when Carl gets a little too close with Enid, things get heated between the two.

But then, of course, Ron has a change of heart and then wants to learn how to defend himself. This leads to him asking Carl and his dad (Rick) for help, but could this all be a lie just to get back at Carl? In the comics, its important to remember that Carl unfortunately loses an eye.

If you remember the end of the last episode, Ron now has a loaded gun and is headed towards Carl with it... Things aren't looking too good for Carl right now. Could this future encounter mean that Carl is about to finally meet his fate from the comics and finally lose his eye?

What do you think?


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