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I made my way here to Movie Pilot thanks to someone I met on Twitter while tweeting with some people who have similar interests as I. What’s that? We’re all fans of a SciFi series named Dominion that ran on the SyFy Network for 2 wonderful seasons and then… was cancelled at the end of Season 2 – right when things had heated up to a point where we, the fans, were on the edges of our respective seats holding our breaths for Season 3 to begin.

Then – it was cancelled. I’ve read the ‘reasoning’ behind the cancellation as provided by the executives at SyFy … but those reasons are flimsy (as in onion skin thin and floppy) and so I, along with thousands of others around the world, decided we were going to do something about it because

Dominion is…

Hold on - before I get into that long spiel, I want to see how this Movie Pilot page of mine works.

You’ll have to pardon me for stopping my rambling so abruptly – just think of it a season finale where you simply HAVE to know what's going to happen next?

Oh, and don't worry - I promise I'll be back. I'm not like someone or some group who baits a person with something exciting to come and then decides 'Meh, it's just not getting the numbers to justify continuing it"

No - I'm not a teaser who doesn't follow through. You'll hear from me soon. But first I've got a blog spoiler you need to be aware – while this page might be ‘maintained’ by me – I’m planning on adding input from my ‘nest mates’ over at Twitter who are feeling as let down by the SyFy Network as I am regarding the cancellation of Dominion.

And to prove my Twitter pals and I not a flock of lunatics – I will be presenting some empirical information to help prove the point as to why we think SyFy erred BIG TIME when they cancelled the show. (Who knows? Once all the cards are laid on the table - maybe a bigger, better, much more recognizable group like ... NETFLIX will see the potential we see with Dominion.)

Stay tuned…


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