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Ah, finals week, how we loathe thee. You are that one thing that drives all students mad. You cause unnecessary stress, sugar comas, sleepless nights, mental breakdowns... in short: we hate you. Whether you've finally moved on from school or you're still slaving away under a professor, rest assured that we've all had to deal with finals at one time or another.

Fortunately for you, your favorite movie characters are here to give you some helpful tips on surviving finals week.

Finals are coming in... wait, you're kidding, right?

No cause for alarm, you still have plenty of time... wait, you DO mean two months from now, right? *Checks syllabus for bazillionth time* Oh... Panic mode activating in 5...4...3...2...1!

Denial always makes things go away... sometimes.

Well, there's no getting around it now...

So finals are coming. No biggie. You still have time to cram. The only thing left to do is be prepared.

You call upon your reserve of motivation

Study guides? Check. Caffeine source? Got it. Concentration soundtrack? Never leave the dorm without it. You now feel like Mario after finding a flashing star: "It's game time, boys".

You awaken from a caffeine-induced stupor

Your friends find you in your room, two days before finals, passed out in your chair from drinking too much caffeine. They awaken you and tell you that they're worried you're not getting enough sleep. You respond by saying something like this...

Snack runs become your bread and butter... literally

Regular meals? Who has time for THAT?! But a snack run? You have all the time in the world!

You go insane from the lack of sleep and potent mix of caffeine and adrenaline

You are no longer capable of coherent thought. You've entered the fifth dimension, where time, space, and reality have lost all meaning. Tell your friends to come back at 2 a.m. so they can see you in your non-zombie state.

You forget what "sleep" is

At this point, adrenaline is the only thing keeping you from becoming comatose. What is this "nap" thing you speak of?

The time has come

Hasta la vista, students! Judgment Day is upon you! And now, the moment of truth...

Taking the final

This is it. This is the moment when you find out if the last two weeks were worth it or a colossal waste of time. Now what was the answer to that question again?

Turning in your final

And now we wait...

You find out you aced your final

The wait is over and victory has been achieved! You always knew it was worth it, didn't you?

All that's left is... THE VICTORY PARTY!

But that one friend...

And so...

You tell them to get over it and party it up with the rest of the squad!

How do YOU deal with finals week?


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