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The world of wrestling has seen many great characters such as The Rock and Stone cold. However, that is not what this list is at all. This is the worst gimmicks in wrestling history.

5. Brodus Clay

Anyone that has watched wrestling in the past 20 years knows that the WWE can have some awful gimmicks. Along those awful gimmicks came the Funkasaurus. Just ask Rikishi, someone who got that gimmick right i might add, and even Alex Right where a horrible dancing gimmick will take you.

4. Bastion Booger

During the short amount of time that Bastion Booger was in the WWE, he was one of the many big men in the company. Therefore, Booger didn't have the chance to prove himself. He was memorable nonetheless.

3. Glacier

At the time "Mortal Combat" was a new thing so WCW tried to create a character like sub-zero to get more viewers as they were just starting to fall. But as you can see, that did not work very well.

2. Repo Man

One of the worst gimmicks in wrestling history, came from Barry Darsow. Barry is more known for Smash in the team Demolition, but others know him for his role as the Repo Man. The heels premise was that he would steal anything he could get his hands on. He did a solid job of being hated but it was still an awful gimmick.

1. Shockmaster

The shortest run of any gimmick on this list is The Shockmaster. I have no actual idea as to what this gimmick was supposed to be but this video proves that this is the worst gimmick in wrestling history.


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