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After the amazing Daredevil Netflix show, I was hyped to see what they can bring to Jessica Jones and while it wasn't as amazing as Daredevil, it did surprise me how much I enjoyed it. So like always when it comes to my TV reviews, we're going to look at the pros and cons of the entire season. Let us begin!


Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

Unlike many comic book properties, I do not know her as much nor have I read many of her comics so I went into this just as a casual TV fanatic. Well I can definitely say that Jessica Jones is a character than I am willing to follow for another season and to see join the Defenders.

Luke Cage

A character that I am more familiar with, Mike Colter blew me away with his performance as the character. Very likable and could be funny when it was called for. The "Sweet Christmas" line got me grinning. Again, can't wait to see him join the Defenders.


One of my favorite actors David Tennant portrays Kilgrave or the Purple Man and this guy stole the entire show with his performance. I haven't felt this much sympathy for and fear of a villain since Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan from Star Trek into Darkness. There were a few things I didn't like but I'll get to those later. Overall I think this is by far Marvel's best villain yet.


I'm not sure as to why but...I love this guy. At first I just thought he'd be some random junkie who would appear providing comedy relief but out of all the side characters, I found myself rooting for him and feeling for him. Well done in terms of writing and acting.


When she first appeared, I wasn't really sure what to think about her but she then became a great character who I hope evolves into Hellcat and helps out Jessica and/or the Defenders.

The Story

While there were a few things that I wish had been done differently, I won't deny that overall I did find the story to be very intriguing and compelling. A little slow? Yes but that doesn't take away from it because I get that this isn't a superhero show, at least not yet. When there was action, it was cool. Overall there was a lot to love...but I can't deny that there were things that irritated me so let's get to those.


Will Simpson

At first I really liked this guy, then the show went in a completely wrong direction for the character and in my opinion, it didn't work and did not flow well at all. The actor did fine for the bad writing of the character.

Jeryn Hogarth

I love Carrie Anne Moss as an actress...what the hell happened here? The character is beyond annoying, the performance is completely wooden, and good god I wanted to punch the screen when it would randomly cut back to her subplot. Tell me, did anybody care? I mean at all? I sure as hell didn't.

Reuben and Robyn

While Reuben was okay, mostly just a pointless character. I absolutely hated Robyn. I mean, this chick was on the same level of annoyance as Jar Jar Binks and Carl from the Walking Dead, oh yeah that bad.

Jessica Made Some Dumb Choices

Again, I did enjoy her but there was something that I noticed and it actually got me to laugh a few times. Every single one of her plans ends in disaster. I mean every thing she tried ended up with somebody dying or she just bails on something that would work because she's kind of selfish. This I will talk about in another article. These were just a few things that annoyed me but I still enjoyed watching the character.

The Last Third


Even though I liked the story, there was a huge problem. The first third was compelling and interesting, the second third was great, but unfortunately the story kind of fell apart in the last third. You have Hope killing herself thus making the past ten episodes completely pointless, Simpson became a weak villain that really was pointless, Jessica became annoying in a few spots, and there were some missed opportunities with Kilgrave. Again, I'll get to that with another article.

So Jessica Jones might not be the upgrade from Daredevil but it was a good start a new character that I would follow for another season or two. It was nicely dark story that I will like to rewatch again in the future despite my issues. I give Jessica Jones Season 1 a High Silver rating or a 6.8./10.


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