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As we are soon to kick off phase 3 of the marvel cinematic universe in may with civil war, i thought it would be appropriate to notice the pattern of phase 2, and maybe something we will see in phase 3 (most likely). The pattern goes something like this. Every time a movie came around based on one character there would always be another character to aid them through out the movie. Almost like co-heroes. the war machine to iron man in iron man 3. the loki to Thor in Thor the dark world. The black widow and falcon to captain america in captain america winter soldier. And the Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne to ant man in ant man. So these are what i hope are the co-heroes for phase 3 movies.

1. Doctor strange

Lets start things with doctor strange, since its the first one that isn't obvious (captain america civil war). This was kind of a hard decision, the only two that i thought of that could work is doctor voodoo, black knight, the ancient one or Adam warlock. Now Adam warlock doesn't really fit in that well because he hasn't been shown yet in guardians (as a humanoid), so ill trash that idea. and any of the other three would work for me, but imagine the plot twist if Adam Warlocks debut was in doctor strange instead of guardians of the galaxy.

2. black panther

this one i had a real struggle finding one that fits. for one reason anyone that did work was owned by fox. so i did some research and i found Shuri. Shuri is a character that is T'chalas sister, and in the comics actually becomes black panther herself. so i thought that would be cool if everyone thought T'chala was dead after maybe someone like man-ape or Klaw supposedly killed him, and he came back to take Wakanda back with the help of his sister.

3. spider-man

this one was really easy, hands down easy. my first thought was Harry Osborn as "baby goblin" but then realized that's been done before. but what about something that was almost done but never got the chance. Black Cat. we saw her in amazing spider-man 2, but we all know what happened, so why not give her another chance. although i do have to say there is a lot of different choices you could choose. with out a doubt spider-man probably has the most team ups in marvel comics or even any other comic universe.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

when Thor Ragnarok was first announced i knew who had to be in this movie, it was really obvious. and now that i think about it he would be the perfect co hero for Thor in his next movie. Beta Ray Bill. he could help Thor face whatever threat is threatening Asgard. be it Hulk, Loki or even the mad titan Thanos himself (i mean he doesn't have any of the infinity gems) or even all of them at once alongside the warriors three that would be awesome. and maybe if enchantress and the executioner showed up that would be awesome.

5. captain marvel

this was kind of a hard one. but i think i came to the conclusion that a good co-hero for captain marvel would be spider woman. i mean think about it with s.h.i.e.l.d gone, they could bring in s.w.o.r.d and have these two be some of the first s.w.o.r.d agents. and also this is the perfect movie to bring spider-woman into the mcu, and i would like to see a spider-woman movie, but not in phase three way to many movies already.

by the way Civil War, Guardians 2, Ant Man And The Wasp, Avengers 3 part 1 and 2, and Inhumans are pretty much self explanatory.

So what do you think and which one do you agree with? have you noticed this pattern as well as i have? tell me in the comments, thank you.


do you think these co-heroes are good ones? if not let me know in the comments.


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