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No, you're not seeing double because you're eye glasses prescription is in need of an update. In Tom Hardy's most recent movie, Legend, he is acting as twin gangsters. Legend is based on a true story about the fall of infamous Kray brothers, Reggie and Ronnie, from East London. Let me say upfront that I am not familiar with their entire life story. So, I will be discussing what I saw in the film and how I felt their story came across in the movie. Be sure to check out the trailer below:

Legend Official International Trailer

As you can see, Tom Hardy proves that there is no role that is too versatile for him to take on. He was even able to take upon two roles in one film! While the trailer does not do his performance justice, believe me when I say he knocked both roles out of the park. His portrayal of Reggie and Ronnie was remarkable, even though they were incredibly different when it came to their individual personalities. Reggie Kray was the more suave, slick, and sensible gangster.

Reggie Kray

Reggie Kray was the more suave, slick, and sensible gangster.

Ronnie Kray

While Ronnie Kray was the more out of his mind, impulsive gangster. Together, they made an incredible dynamic duo.

Tom Hardy's Performance as The Kray Brothers

When I first sat down to watch the movie, I feared that I would find it distracting to see two Tom Hardy's on screen. But Hardy's performance was so insanely radiant and transformative, I forgot that both of the twins were played by Hardy. In my opinion, it seemed as if Ronnie appeared to be the more challenging character to bring to life, but Tom excelled graciously.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tom will get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Ronnie, as he dove deeply into the mind frame of this difficult character. We saw Ronnie struggle with his gangster lifestyle at times when his wife Frances, played by Emily Browning, would show her love and make him second guess that lifestyle.

Frances and Reggie

In total, this was an entertaining gangster movie. A superb gangster movie should have a good mixture of violence, action, and dialogue, which this film clearly delivered. The violence and action do no overwhelm the story, but actually compliment the incredible story line following the two very developed characters.

The relationship between Reggie and Frances played a prominent role in the film, and paired with voice over from Frances, you could say the film mainly centered on this particular couple.

Also paired with violence action were comedic moments provided by Ronnie in particular. I found myself laughing loudly on more than a few occasions during the movie.

The real Kray Brothers
The real Kray Brothers

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