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It's finally here! Oh yes, it's FINALLY HERE! The [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer just dropped, and it's full of action, drama, and superhero politics! While the trailer did reveal a ton of information about the upcoming Marvel flick, there are still a few questions I need answered!

Questions like what, you may ask? Well, let's find out with a trailer breakdown for Captain America: Civil War!

...Wait, sorry about that, you probably want to check out the trailer in its full glory yourself before we break it down huh? Well if you haven't already, you can check out the trailer below!

Ok, now that you're socks have officially been blown off into the stratosphere, it's time to take a more in-depth look at the Civil War trailer, and the 7 questions I have after watching it!

1. Who Cured Bucky?

The trailer starts with a scene similar to the post-credits scene of Ant-Man. Cap and Falcon are standing in front of a trapped Bucky, who seems to be completely cured of his brainwashing. That's awesome, and I'm really glad that Bucky is sane. Only, when did Bucky become sane?!

The last time we saw Bucky, he was still crazy-eyed, and Captain America was trying to figure out what to do about him. Falcon then suggests that he may "know a guy." Know a guy for what exactly? It's not clear. But the sudden saneness of Bucky suggests that Falcon's guy may have been available.

What I Think

Since the scene featuring Bucky, Cap and Falcon was at the end of the Ant-Man film, most would assume that the guy that Falcon knew was in fact Scott Lang, a.k.a Ant-Man himself. But I've got a different theory.

Getting rid of all the crazy pieces in Bucky's brain and replacing them with non-crazy pieces must have taken a very careful hand, perhaps even someone with... magical hands. That's right, I think Falcon's connection was none other than master surgeon and Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange!

Think about it, Strange is the only person in the MCU (that we know of) that could fix Bucky just in time for the next Captain America movie! It makes sense that Falcon would call upon him to help Ol' Buck out.

But wait, how does Falcon know Doctor Strange in the first place? Well, since superhero Tinder probably isn't a thing, Falcon probably heard about the existence of a skilled surgeon thanks to one slippery tongued Jasper Sitwell in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Falcon's been looking for Bucky for a long time (as we learned in Avengers: Age of Ultron), and once he found him and needed a way to make him... not criminally insane, his mind probably wandered back to the only surgeon in the world that could help his friend's friend!

Now then, on to the next question!

2. Where's Ant-Man in All This?

Just because Scott Lang more than likely isn't the person Falcon calls upon to help Bucky doesn't mean he isn't in the movie. In fact, unlike Doctor Strange, we know for a FACT that he will show up to participate in the Civil War!

Which is why it's pretty curious that he didn't show up at all in the trailer, despite all of the other heroes making an appearance. Scott's appearance in the movie is no small matter (pun intended), and you would think that Marvel would show us a little bit of Scott Lang geeking out about being around Avengers (and fighting them... again). But nope, he wasn't in the trailer, not even for a little bit. WHY MARVEL?! WHY?!

What I Think

So we know that Ant-Man's in the film, and thanks to some D23 footage info, in which Ant-Man thanks Cap for "thinking of him," we know that Cap knows about him and likely personally chose him to join his team.

But why? What's so special about Ant-Man that would make Captain America personally invite him to join his team? Well, to put it simply, Ant-Man is Cap's ace in the hole! He can get small, he can grow big, and he's got the strength of an extremely dedicated bodybuilder!

Ant-Man can do things that no other can, get to places that are too small for normal people, and he'll be a great asset for Cap's team! Because of this, it's possible that Marvel didn't want to show too many scenes of their "ace" in the first trailer. I'm sure that in later trailers, we'll see some awesome Ant-Man action!

Or maybe he is in the trailer, and he's just super, super tiny. Easter egg hunters, prepare your magnifying glasses!

3. Does War Machine... DIE?!

There were a lot of blink and you'll miss it scenes in the trailer, but one scene that flaunted itself for a while was the crushingly sad scene above. In it, you can see a heartbroken Iron Man kneeling over the body of his trusted friend James "Rhodey" Rhodes, a.k.a War Machine.

Now, at first, I didn't pay it any mind. Yeah, it was sad, but I figured that there was no way Marvel was going to show us the death of such a major character in the trailer. He'll probably just get back up and dust himself off.

But then I realized a very tragic detail — there's a HOLE in his CHEST! At least, it looks that way. It certainly seems as if Rhodey got a hole punched right through his armored chest, something that is pretty hard to come back from, unfortunately...

Then again, Iron Man survived a piece of shrapnel being lodged in his heart, so maybe we shouldn't Rhodey out just yet!

What I Think

Is War Machine dead? NO! Of course he's not dead, that'd be insane... right? To be honest, I'm really not sure what to think about this one. The odds of Marvel showing us the death of a major character in the first trailer are very slim.

But then again, this is war, superhero war! People are going to die, it's not a matter of if, but when and who. And as much as I hate to say it, the odds of War Machine kicking the bucket are very high. He's just not as major a character as Iron Man, Cap or even Scarlet Witch.

If Marvel was thinking of ways to get us pumped and riled up for Civil War's release, showing the death of War Machine would do it. Let's hope I'm wrong though, because I'm still petitioning for a solo War Machine film!

4. Why Does Cap Seem Like a Villain?

Am I the only who feels like Cap was really antagonistic in this trailer? The trailer is about him doing everything he can to ensure Bucky's freedom. But does "everything" involve betraying the trust of your best friend and refusing to "set limitations," as Tony Stark puts it?

Not to mention, there's the whole thing with possibly deceased War Machine. Now I'm not saying that Cap would actually kill him, there's no way! But if he is dead, or even if he's only injured, someone (likely someone on Cap's team) had to have delivered that piercing blow.

And even if Cap and his team had nothing to do with it, from the looks of the trailer, he's not even going to let the possible death of one of his best friend's best friends stop him from fighting. I don't know if it's just the way it was cut, but this trailer has made me afraid of Captain America...

What I Think

In the comics, Tony is the one who seems a little more antagonistic, and while he seemed pretty villainous in this trailer too, Cap was the one who really made my skin crawl! Cap was never really the guy to crack jokes, but he was still a funny character because of how clueless he was about 21st century stuff.

Now all of a sudden, he's this guy who's willing to go to war over the freedom of his previously murderous best friend — an admirable but insane act. But despite this, it's been made pretty clear that there is no villain in Captain America: Civil War... well, except for Zemo that is. But more on that ray of sunshine later.

But as for Cap and Stark, they're both going to have good and bad qualities in this film. Both of them make great points about the Superhero Registration Act, but ultimately, it's up for the viewer to decide who they agree with. I'm willing to bet that a future trailer will focus more on Iron Man, and make him seem pretty antagonistic. And if not, I'm sure we'll see both Cap and Iron Man making good and bad calls in the war when the movie releases. The bottom line is: don't worry, Cap has not turned into some evil mastermind... probably.

5. Where Is Baron Zemo?

Speaking of evil masterminds, where on Earth is Baron Zemo? I know that not everyone can show up in the first trailer, but I was really hoping to get some more info on Helmut Zemo's role in the film.

Both Marvel and actor Daniel Brühl have been real hush hush about Zemo's role, and all we really know is he's the main villain of the movie. I would just really like to know why he's here in the first place. I mean, the heroes in the movie are already at war with each other, now they have to deal with a crazed Baron as well? There's going to be no time for breaks for Earth's mightiest!

What I Think

Like I said, Zemo is the movie's main villain. And as such, it's clear that Marvel wants to keep him as hidden as possible until the big reveal!

I'm sure that closer to the release of the film, we'll get a glimpse of Baron Zemo in a trailer or two. But I doubt Marvel will let us see much of him until the movie comes out.

6. Is Black Panther Badass or What?!

This isn't really a question I need answering, I just couldn't break down the trailer without mentioning Black Panther! Look how incredible he looks! He looks like an actual panther getting ready to pounce on his prey – his prey being Team Cap!

Speaking of which, he took on the entire Team Cap (minus Ant-Man) and looked like he was holding his own against them! This one man took on a super soldier, a bionic man, a winged gun-wielder, an expert archer, and a sorceress and SURVIVED!

What I Think


7. Why Is This Trailer So Heartbreaking?!!

This trailer is full of action, drama and... a ton of heartbreak. I mean, we all knew that this movie was going to be sad. It features former friends and allies fighting each other in a politically influenced super-powered war. But none of us had any idea how crushingly sad this film would be!

I mean really, if just the trailer was enough to make me tear up, I'll be flooding the theater by the time the opening credits start! There were a few tearjerking scenes in the trailer – like the aforementioned War Machine one – but none of them were as sad as the one seen above.

In it, Cap tells Tony Stark that he's sorry, and that he's only doing this because Bucky is his friend. Then Tony, with a look of sadness upon his face, looks at Cap and says, "so was I." So was I! WAS! PAST TENSE! If there are more scenes like that in the film, I may have to bring a box of tissues...

What I Think



Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this trailer breakdown, and I'm fairly certain you enjoyed the trailer! How could you not? We saw action, drama, heartbreak and betrayal!

Yes, Captain America: Civil War is going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One I can't wait to ride next year when it hits theaters on May 6, 2016!

Thanks for Reading!


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