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Marvel has recently released a trailer for their new film Captain America: Civil War, which is the third film in the Captain America series and a continuation on the main MCU storyline. Taking place after Avengers Age of Ultron and building upon characters that have appeared in the MCU films thus far. Let's take a closer look at key shots in the trailer to see what it can reveal.

Watch the trailer here before you begin:

The opening shot with Captain America, The Falcon, and Bucky seems to start off the story. Notably, neither Captain nor Falcon are wearing uniforms and Bucky has been incapacitated. Bucky finally seems to remember who Steve is, a big change from the last time we saw him in Winter Soldier, and they have a conversation about Bucky being a 'wanted man'. This scene actually appeared as a post-credit scene in Ant-Man where Sam and Steve talk about Tony not being able to help because of 'the Accords'.

Enter explosions. So someone bombed a building; in Germany judging by the police uniforms. And they appear to be blaming Bucky for this, hence the earlier conversation with Steve and Sam.

All of this international turmoil is bound to cause some strife. Sure enough, enter ominous government official.

Telling Steve that his antics have gone on unregulated for too long. He hands (whom I'm presuming to be given the nail polish) Natasha a document called the 'Sokovia Accords'. Sokovia meaning the Eastern European country we got to see in Ultron from where Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver came from. These are the Accords that Sam and Steve were talking about in the first shot. So it appears to be a new way to regulate superheroes.

We get more shots of Bucky on the run, Steve on the run, Natasha trying to get Steve to come back, and then we get a shot of Tony--who happens to be sporting a black eye.

One that may be a hint as to the cause behind his and Steve's newly found hostility. Maybe Bucky gave Tony that eye, or maybe even Steve himself. He also talks about "accepting limitations" which is most likely an allusion to the Accords.

There are shots of Steve and Sam who are left without their suits, and then shots of them fighting, and shots of everybody fighting. We get a sense of who's on which side with Sam and Steve coming together against Tony, Natasha, and War Machine (although if you remember the posters that were released earlier, you should already know the roster that each team is going to have).


And sadly no shot of Spider-Man just yet. Another epic squad pic reminiscent of Taylor Swift's gang in her Bad Blood video. We get to see Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye return!

And we get to see Black Panther kick the crap out of Bucky, cementing his place on Tony's side.

And this, perhaps the MOST INFLUENTIAL SHOT of the entire trailer: a wounded, possibly dead, War Machine lying in Tony's arms (who is wearing a significantly fresher black eye).

And we're left with an awesome shot of Bucy and Cap vs. Iron Man himself.

Below is my analysis of the trailer in relation to the comic story arc of Civil War. Spoilers of the story arc ahead.

So what does this all mean? Well we can draw connections between the film and the comic storyline of Civil War to highlight the key events. 1. There's an explosion that kills dozens of people. It was caused by a supervillain called Nitro caused by the failure of a younger superpowered team who was at the time filming a televised event. This could be analogous to the explosion happening in (what I assume to be) Germany, being blamed on Bucky. 2. The deaths of the innocent people becomes a catalyst for the Superhero registration act, asking all Superheroes to give up their secret identities and register with the government in order to have better regulations over these superpowered beings. Captain America leads the Anti-registration movement while Tony leads the pro-registration movement. This Superhero Registration Act could come in the form of the Sokovia Accords which seem to be a new form of superpower regulation. 3. Things begin to escalate and finally culminate in the death of Goliath, an anti-registration hero who receives a blast through the chest. This causes a shift in the balance of the war. This role will possibly taken up by War Machine who has been set up to be a disposable character while maintaining emotional value.

All in all, the trailer really does give us a lot to think about in the coming months leading up to the actual premiere and has gotten me excited to see what Marvel has in store for us next.

Bonus: This BTS picture of a villain named Crossbones and Captain America.

Note: Crossbones kills Captain America in the comic version of Civil War.

Edit: I stated that the Sokovia Accords were being given to Natasha. This was an incorrect assumption as was pointed out by a reader. Judging by the rings on her fingers, we can assume the Accords are being passed to Scarlet Witch.


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