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Barely a couple hours ago, The Captain America Civil War trailer was just released online. After watching it three times I have to say I am excited and I have a sense of what leads to this "Civil War". If you don't want to know before you watch the trailer, then scroll down and watch the trailer and come back up to finish reading. < Spoiler warning ish>

Okay, so after Captain America The Winter Soldier wrapped up, we are left with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson briefly discussing finding Bucky Barnes. The Civil War trailer shows a disheveled looking Bucky that appears to be subdued via metal arm in a vice. It appears that Bucky remembers Steve (Yay!)

After all the killing he did in The Winter Soldier, there was government hell to pay & Captain America was trying to keep his buddy from getting killed. Now this is where things appear to get a little hairy. The Government wants Bucky Barnes dead and The Black Widow is on the side of the Gov and is insisting that Steve stays out of the way. Of course Steve sees this as a threat. Bye bye bud, it's been real.

So I will assume that Captain America's will & resistance was too much for them to handle, enter Iron Man. There were some verbal exchanges made, but we all know it will go beyond just words.

We get a surprise appearance by General Ross, the old Hulk hater, & he expresses the dangers of having super powered people with no control around, labelling Cap as by some a hero and by others a vigilante. Now, I was thinking to myself this joker abuses his power, but that's okay, right? So it looks like the gov starts to confiscate the superheroes equipment and weapons. That obviously won't last. By this point into the trailer I realize this is clearly going to be very different from the comic version.

From there, action ensues. We get a few brief moments seeing The Black Panther and he looks glorious! No Spiderman scene yet though (sad face). There is some excellent looking action and some team up sequences may be some of Marvels best sequences yet.

Now what it is clear as of now that Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye, and The Scarlet Witch are on Cap's side. Aside from Cap's buds, for ever which reason the others are on his side, I'm sure it will be made known in the movie. I think The Scarlet Witch will have more in common with Steve, not being normal and being turned into an outcast could lead to her joining him, not to mention she is on Captain America's Avengers team. Hawkeye is team Cap because he's been there before where Bucky has been under mind control. Hawkeye under control has taken lives, so there's empathy.

As for team Iron Man, Black Widow will be teaming up with Tony, most certainly permanently putting a rift between her and Hawkeye. Rhodes (War Machine) obviously will side with his friend. Now, as far as other members go, there could be Vision, for whatever which reason, Antman, or even Black Panther, Spiderman. Too soon to tell, but I love the mystery.

In Closing

I think this movie will carry the same serious tone that The Winter Soldier had, the best Marvel movie in my opinion. I think Civil War will have the potential to be better than The Winter Soldier. And to have Tony Stark Iron Man in this film, this may be him at his most serious since Iron Man, and he may be more serious than that. High stakes here, will someone die? I am thinking one or both sides will lose somebody. This was a great trailer and I think this indeed will be a great movie.


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