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And as promised by Marvel studios, the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War has been released! As the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3 line-up, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, this film is sure to set audience's hopes high as the franchise takes a drastic turn. As we can all assume from not only the trailer, but the title of the film itself, this movie will shine a new light on the Avengers team, primarily our dynamic duo, or more static duo now...Iron Man and Captain America. With the ranks divided, this can cause a whole lot of chaos for our beloved characters.

The question on everyone's minds: Who will side with who? Which new characters will be introduced? How will the division within the Avengers affect the team dynamic overall? After watching the trailer, I do have some pretty solid predictions on what we can expect.

Obviously Falcon will be with Captain America and War Machine will side with Iron Man, but what about the others? Scarlet Witch has some beef with Iron Man so she may choose Captain America, Thor and Iron Man can be at odds, but Hawkeye usually is neutral. Will the story be focused on the other characters choosing sides, or just our two main heroes working out their differences? My guess is a little bit of both. Okay so for new characters, considering this is the first film in the lineup, they are going to have to introduce Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and possibly Spiderman?

Black Panther was shown briefly in the trailer, but no other signs of our new heroes? This is definitely something to look out for in upcoming trailers. It'll be interesting to see how Marvel studios incorporate everything that's happened in the last two phases and also how they set the stage for all the upcoming films, all the way until 2019 (and possibly 2021!). With so much hype and so much excitement surrounding these films, this one is sure to take the story in a different direction and show some internal turmoil that these characters are facing. The trailer was exhilarating and intriguing, and my hopes for this film are just as high as ever!

Watch the trailer here:


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